The Dumb Forms Of Creativity

When I was in 6th grade , I really hated all the arts classes I had to attend . There you had to do drawings , sketches , "creative work" and all the rest . My drawing always consisted of stick cartoons or spooky caligraphy . That's why you'd never see a Most Creative Kid Of The Year award in my room , I'm probably so sure about it.
But in real life , creativity isn't really about creating awesome and even awesome paintings or papers birds . It's more than that . A poem , a blog post , a good joke , a stylish outfit , everything is somehow related with creativity .
My creativity comes out with cameras , writings and jokes (okay , probably not) which I'm really proud of.  Whenever you say "I'm not creative" it actually means you haven't discovered what you can do . But it doesn't need to be sophisticated all the time , let's go dumb.
The dumb forms of creativity
Henna Tatoo , I am seriously so afraid to endure the pain and get a Tatoo . So instead of ink , get black henna and get something cool drawn with it from your near artist . It would stay long.  You can thank me later. 

I loved to watch Big Bang on NatGeo Junior . On that show , both intelligent hosts made dough ears , nose and a lot of other parts that were eatable and dipped them in ketchup . It could easily trick anyone into real body parts , THAT OTHERS WERE EATING.  If I hadn't watched it and would see somewhere , I'd be fainted . Or freaked out . I think I've warned you to look out. 

Do some neutral make up , in a way that no one can tell if you have applied something . Of course you need to know bits about make up products . 
PS: i really never win it . 
thanks for example , google

A really dumb thing I did as kid is that put both hands under your shirt and pretend you don't have hands . #killme
Do a muppet show with old socks , I'm so very honest about their hit . Only need a creepy kid voice to have it done. If Seasume street hadn't annoyed me in my childhood , perhaps I could have one muppet right now. Whatever. 

What's creativity for you? dumbness is accepted here.


  1. haha you weren't the only one who pretended that she didn't have hands. I did too. And it was more fun in winter LOL. I love mehendis. Also, as far as tattoos are considered, I love the temporary stick on ones that came with a packet of chips haha. Also I vaguely remember using my mum's lotions on my DOLL. I pretended that she was my client and I was a beautician (I was just 5 then, though!). :D

  2. No no no please stop making me remember that episode of Big bang! But that dude was hilarious!

  3. Tattoos do hurt but its temporary pain. I have 3 of them. They are really addicting. I've also had henna done and your right they stay on you for a loooonnnnnggggg time. Ii'm not really creative at all so I can't join in on the fun here.

  4. I loved the Muppet Show! And I've been watching Sesame Street with Alina everyday. She loves Elmo. I think they all do.. His voice always grabs her attention!

  5. I love the muppet, always did it!

  6. LOLOLOL too funny!! I also pretended I had no hands as a kid, why is that so entertaining!?

  7. How could you not like Sesame Street as a kid?! I lived for that show!

  8. I love these insights and thought son creativity! Tattoos are rather addicting, but henna is definitely a smart alternative. Oh gosh, that episode of Big Bang. Lolz

  9. so agree that there are many ways to be creative in different ways. so fun!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  10. Creativity is so many different things! For me it's music and poetry, alongside blogging!

    Corinne x

  11. I advise ANYONE to go henna over a real tattoo. I massively regret all of my tattoos!

    1. I don't 'regret' mine per say ... but I definitely wish it wasn't there lol. Ohhh to be young and stupid again ;)

  12. Omg...we LOVE THE Big Bang Theory!! Favorite show ever! I have three tattoos it really depends on where you have them placed. I have one on my right ankle, and boy did it hurt! Have another on my right shoulder, not so much!


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