Spookiness To The Weekend

Happy Saturday everyone! I'm sure it must have been pretty busy week , with loads of work and stuff (crap) to do . My Saturday have been rocking , in a seriously scaring way.
Areeba got us some spooky movies which contained The Amityville Horror , The Pact and The Innkeepers. The list we searched on google really topped it , so after watching them all . All I concluded  :

The Amityville Horror is the best . I shrieked a lot . When I shriek , there's something really cool about that movie.
The Pact was a good one with horror shots . Yeah , the movie producer might have some good ideas but forgot to put in the film . It was scary but the end was asking me "what's up with rest , dude?" So I got myself pretty much disappointed by the end , where the just poofed the mystery and yada yada yada.

For The Innkeepers, I would love to do something cheating . Actually , we didn't watch the whole film . It is totally of 100 mins while right after 50 minutes , we realized we haven't seen a single ghost in it . Not even a spooky feeling for a whole 50 minutes , so it got dumped . I don't know if their was something horror about that , if you have watched it .  I may have to ask you if there was a single horror scene or what.
That's all I have seen from morning to evening , you probably know by now why I went to ghost hunting. I LOVE spookiness (as long as it doesn't occur to me )
That reminds me of my secret-ish dream of being a film criticizer . If I had been one , I might have been the worst one . The one who would always find something wrong about that film . Hang on , it shouldn't happen . Then who would ever hire me? I am glad I am NOT one . While watching a movie , I always thinking about random stuff . If it's a horror one , I would keep my mind busy that "no it's not real. Those are just actors , working for money. Everyone needs money , even if it's about filming some stunts on spooky locations"

Being a songwriter can be better than that. I would write songs all about pepsi roses and heart (breaking) stuff . It may agree Taylor Swift to sing them all . If not , it would seriously disappoint me .
I probably have seen a lot more media than I am used to . Actually , last week in my class lecture . My teacher said that you should do everything on time . Study , watching movies and everything else . So why weekends are for? FUN!!! And if there's any doubt , movies are fun.

Yo , have a great weekend!

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  1. You'll love the films!
    Don't get too spooked. c;


  2. Shut up your babbling, why you didn't put a DON'T WATCH sign on The Innkeepers?

  3. I really really want to watch the old Amityville horrors again, I've not seen them for years. I'm sorry The Inkeepers was a bit naff. Boo.

    You and Areeba should watch The American Horror Show if you haven't already! It's a scary/creepy/disturbing TV show, I've just started watching it with my housemates and I love it.

    Corinne x

  4. I don't like horror movies! :) have fun watching them!

  5. I hate horror movies....I like to sleep

    Shalay| itsjustshalay.blogspot.com

  6. I haven't seen Amityville Horror in a while but that's a classic! At one period, after watching Amityville Horror, I got addicted to the entire series... which I don't really recommend because the rest of the series was just horrible.

  7. Amityville rocks! If you want scarry? Next time check out Saw! All of them! Love those movies!

  8. I love all three of these! Have you've seen all the originals of amityville horror? I say this because there are 8! And I recommend all of them even after 5 when they just get really stupid. But the 8th the house is actually a doll house which is pretty neat.

  9. Ahh! I don't like scary movies! I can never watch the whole thing!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  10. Not a huge horror fan, but we have lots on Blu Ray since my husband is. The Amityville horror is a great choice!

  11. There will be none of that (scary movies).

  12. I've only seen Amityville and it was a long, long time ago. Spooky because it's based on a true story.. I always get extra creeped out by those ones.!

  13. Aaahhh The Amityville Horror is a super scary film!

  14. Told you Amytiville is one of the best scary movies ever!!

  15. I think I stick to watching gohst adventures or paranormal wittness, thank. xxx

  16. ahhhi just can't watch scary movies - I get too freaked out!
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  17. I havent watched any of this and have no intentions of doing so! They scare the world out of me!


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