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Yesterday , I finished my work (that was supposed to clean my room and all the cheetos wrappers I dumped under my bed) and started working on my planner . I realized that the stuff I planned in 2013 was quite different in 2014 . My blog is one year old , I've just been doing everything I like , making content which is fun and yada yada yada ---wait!!! Am I serious?
It's not . I re-read my whole blog and I think I've been missing what used to be here . I'm missing the reason why I started THIS blog at first place . Sigh .
I've read a lot of tips about blogging and I think they all are wonderful and to learn from , it is always there to check back at the first point where you started . I literally got myself low when I analyzed it . It feels good to see your blog flourishing with new aims , content , readers and friends . But in the end , it's you and me . Reader and writer , that's it .
Blogging is my favourite hobby . If you ask me , I love connecting & working with people from different fields and of different minds . It's SO fun , but once you're discouraged . It is not fun anymore .
Being stuck in numbers , losing interest , not doing everything you want to , writing without focus is the trouble.
I chose Priorities as my word of 2014 . My blog is one of my priority so I am focusing on it , honestly . I've been completing my blogging goals for 2014 so I am glad I'm finally writing this post . It's never too late to realize what you've been doing wrong . I blog about my life shenanigans , some crazy tales and the rest from my student life and a completely fun person . I think I will wide the topics in future , I probably have a LOT time to lead everything in another direction but for now , I am just re-writing what I loved to do . ME!
It is probably my milestone of learning where I am starting with a new start again . It's a blog , my blog!
It feels good when you've people to relate with your trouble and give you some advice about it. So here I'm , sharing my blogging problem with y'all!

I think I'm not the only only who faces a certain problem in blogsphere . Sometimes it's an invisible pressure , sometimes it's lack of networking . I would love to help others (and myself) but I actually don't know where to start or HOW to start .
Fill this form , so I can know your trouble and probably , we could manage it . In bloggy land , we really need to share the trouble with at least another blogger.

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  1. This is great Noor! Nowadays I rarely post and I need to get back on track and post more of what I used to post. Sure there are bigger priorities than my blog right now but I dont want to go on an unexpected hiatus again. Time management is the key :)

  2. Hey Noor! I'm trying to make blogging one of my 2014 priorities too :) As well as getting a new job, new flat… a new life and fresh start!! I've always loved reading your blog (been reading nearly from the start I think!) and look forwards to reading many more fun and interesting posts that you write :)
    Have a great weekend!!

  3. See- I like your style of writing in this post. It's a bit different than what I'm used to with you- and I think that's great Noor! It's crazy how much things change over a year.. our focus, our style and the content itself.
    Keep doing what you're doing because it's certainly working.. !! Look how much you've accomplished in one year!?!

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  5. Why did you start blogging? What inspired you to start this journey? I think if you enjoy blogging as a hobby but start to treat it like "business" is when things get tricky and clouded. Blogging is my favorite hobby too and I love the simulation and release I get from it every week but I always let myself understand I am doing this for my satisfaction and no one else's - it's just awesome when others appreciate my writing efforts. :) Best of luck prioritizing Noor I'm sure you'll get back on track in no time and if you need a bloggy shoulder, I'm here! Take Care -Iva

  6. I blog for myself. I enjoy it so much that I can't let go

  7. I love that you referred to it as an invisible pressure - we definitely pressure ourselves to produce the best every single day, and that combusts into this overwhelming pressure sometimes. I guess my advice is to DO YOU - no one can be you or live your life experiences or write about them quite like you can, and that's what makes your blog so unique! - so bring it, girlfriend ;) xo

    1. More great advice! Ok new to blogging & learning my way around!

  8. I try to just post and not worry about the numbers anymore. If you want to read then fine if not then thats fine as well. I'll make sure to fill out the form.

  9. I totally agree with you - once you start worrying about google analytics and followers and comments, blogging loses its fun.
    Good luck with this and thanks for the form so we can all work together!

  10. Noor, I am quite new to the blogging world and I feel your pain! I think mine is lack of readers!:-( I'm one for posting "original" stuff, but still no readers? What gives? Would LOVE your. Input?:-)

  11. I feel the same! I posted my first blog post in about three weeks this week because I had so much work that needed to be done :( So I've decided I have to be consistent because I actually like blogging :) you are not alone! Also, I had no idea about scheduled posts - what you wrote about on another post, so thank you!
    Fatima x

  12. This is wonderful. Happy birthday to your blog and I'm excited to see what 2014 has in store here :]

  13. WoW...you've already helped me! I took your advice & started networking and am now addicted to twitter! Love your blog! I can only imagine what you're like in person!(no pun intended!)

  14. This is wonderful - priority! That is a good word for this year!!!! <3


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