Questions I'm Afraid Of

My life is full of question marks at the moment . 90% of those are actually what I ask myself and honestly so worried about them . I take it as pretty normal case because in the end , I either have to answer them or forget them . But the rest of 10% are really dangerous , REALLY!
Have you completed your school work? ( Freaks me out , no I haven't )

Is it 7 AM already? *in a work week ( Please , don't be 7 at least before 2 hours)

Who broke the pretty white bowl? (okay , it was an accident)

Who put off the alarm? ( I didn't mean to turn it off , I mean it was just a lazy delay )

Have you scheduled a new blog post? ( Firstly , I don't schedule posts . Secondly , HOW DOES ONE DO IT?)

When are you started running again? ( I ask myself , too . I want to start a pretty workout but 
soz-to-myself , I am a little bit away)

Who burned a toast in microwave?  ( I am an immature cook so.....that was a pure accident or maybe , that bread wasn't of good quality . BURNED)

How the heck new bottle of Pepsi just finished? (oppss , an addicted here)
What do you need for a good study time? ( I am really afraid to answer , maybe some pepsi , lays or cheetos? Let's start with a cup of tea)

Probably , I am not alone . If so , I will grab a pack of cheetos and cry under the comforter on my couch . If it still doesn't melt your heart , I will actually have to execute those answers in real life . Blah blah!!

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  1. Lol i ask too many questions as well - if you ask me a question though you may not like the answer, I'm sometimes too honest. Usually if you annoy me though, otherwise I'm sweet as pie ;) I write my posts the day before and schedule them for the next day but that's about as "early" as I can manage, I'm too impulsive and last minute. Oh and I fail at running to - working on getting back into it. Hehe have a great one Noor! -Iva

  2. You know, once you have no time to write a blog.. you somehow find a moment to pre-write posts. I have started to keep a few posts going at a time, in my drafts. Like- I started my Boys Behind The Blog link up started a few days ago, along with my Mission Hot Bod that I'm posting tomorrow and the post I whipped up and posted yesterday. It's amazing how you learn to multi task with a kid around!

  3. You really don't schedule posts!! No way. You should really start. There is no way I could get thru a week without at least 1 scheduled post.

  4. Haha, it took me MONTHS to figure out how to schedule a post in advance! It is pretty simple, actually, if you use Blogger--wait, do you really not know, or are you joking? Sometimes, I can't tell when I read blogs. Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is, let me know if would like to learn and I will tell you!

  5. HAHA I don't know how to schedule posts either, glad I'm not alone on this, high five sister!

  6. "How much homework do you have left? When are you going to bed?" My two least favorite questions on the planet, next to "Where are you going to college?" I don't really schedule posts, unless it's really late at night and I want it to publish at 7 AM the next morning. It's pretty easy actually. I'm not sure if you're kidding, but let me know if you actually want to know how to schedule!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  7. HA! I don't schedule posts too! High five! :) But I do draft them in advance,

  8. I've scheduled a few posts before. It's really helpful when you're crunched for time!

  9. "Who burnt the toast" hahaha story of my life!
    Awesome post, gotta nice laugh. c:



  11. Hahahaha I hate being asked about starting to go running again...HEY MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Because seriously I need to start but my bed is so comfy...!

  12. I haven't gotten that far yet, mainly because I Love hitting that publish button! And do you Ever sleep?!

  13. Definitely can agree with the 7 am question, I try to trick myself that it's not that time.


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