I Like Randomies

Since this blog has faced a new year , some goals , a lot of tales , sad story of lappy . I seriously want to refresh it with some randomies . Boom , i like randomies.

I really love this picture of me ! Good way to start a photo shoot with my favourite pose and now , good way to start a good randomies post.

For me , Monsters University is world's best study place ever. Scare or don't care . I say it to myself all over again while learning some new Maths equations or formulae . 
Anyone who started Maths was either anti-social person or hated to be happy , so they invented it. Seriously , I love Maths yet I think so.

I would never ever understand Cricket in my life . The runs , balls and scores of cricket are so confusing. But i still watch it , high five.
I wanted to be a politician once and name my political party something stylish . Glad , it went off my mind .

I am a beach lover . I can spend days along shore (with food , my only condition) . I dream of participating in some kind of adventure like they show us on Discovery channel . I would only need a companion who is professional cook or what.

I can't endure the "Me , Me , Me" talk of a person . Yes , I am probably doing so in this post but letzbehonest , it's really annoying . You bought a perfume , great . If you keep repeating it then I would tell you that I don't really care whether you even use perfume or stroll around like a smelly onion . DEAL! 

I wish I could talk to gadgets . Like how long would they take to be fully charged , how much data they can store more (shucks , I can still use task manager for that) or if they're malfunctioned , what that trouble point is . It has grown ever since my laptop died from an unknown problem.

Cheers to blogging and you all , my friends . Actually I just got back from beach , that was a lot of fun with my family , I stil smell like a fish . BOO! 
I was nominated for The Best Blogger of Twenty-13 and I am still jumping with excitement .  You can vote here , still . *throwing confetti everywhere
Helene in Between - Best Bloggers of 2013

Now you , tell me a randomie?

Sponsor Spotlight : Karly from Karly Kim . She's hilarious and stylish , great combo , right?

Hi , I'm Karly. I'm a pure-blood Korean who loves to write & take pictures and lives in New York. 
The purpose of my blog is to make you smile, laugh, chuckle, any form of audible sound that implies joy. I like to post silly pictures, tell weird stories and share opinions about things that don't really matter.
I don't think I'm weird, I think I'm really normal. I've also read that mentally insane people think they're stable. So, there's that.
I look like every other Asian you've ever met. Don't worry, I can't tell us apart either. I used to be a mathlete, but it really was social suicide. Also, I suck at math. I think they just wanted a token Asian on the team. I can use chopsticks.
I like people who think I'm funny and small animals because they can't get away from me.


  1. You have a lot of people paying to get a spot on your blog :)

    Haha love the post! the best blogger is okay i guess :) i would never get a nominate but love to discover some new blogs :)

  2. I love this post, and I also wish I could understand how cricket works. I gave up awhile ago, haha.
    Talking to gadgets would be amazing - as I'm as smart with them as the Technologically Impaired Duck. -_-


  3. I love the ocean/beach. I could stay there all day as well. It would be great. Congrats on the best blogger nomination.

  4. I love the ocean too - and feel the same way about cricket. I once read that any sporting event during which you can take a nap and not miss anything isn't worth watching, and I agree!

  5. Haha I love the word 'randomie' - made me giggle!
    I was obsessed with cricket when I was younger, now I get bored watching it!
    Cute post xx

  6. Yay Noor! :) Sorry about Lappy :( I've had a laptop crap out on me too and it wasn't very pretty - I had a panic attack because back in the day nobody told me about "backing up data" and cloud storage was still in development so honestly, I was doomed to fail.. Just remember next Lappy you get, back up your data and you'll be fine ;) Also, be nice to that lappy too, they can get a little testy.. Have a great one love! -Iva

  7. love your randomies! :) and love karly and her blog too!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  8. Woooo hoooo!! Congrats on being nominated :) xoxo

  9. Congrats on the nomination Noor! How exciting!! I heard that Monster's University is supposed to be really, really funny. I'll have to make sure I see it with Alina. (One BIG perk of having a baby.. someone to watch all of the kid's shows with now!)
    A randomie: I was married barefoot.

  10. Hey Noor! Happy New Year! Congrats for the nomination!!! I also love the beach, but I must admit that I love the desert more!! South Morocco is my perfect spot because the sand dunes meet the beach :)
    Take care

  11. your posts are funny


  12. A randomie, hmmmm...
    Cricket is to you what football is to me I'd say...! Oh... wait no, I don't watch it though. Ha ok I just don't understand football.
    I mean, I like the Super Bowl ads, look those up on Google the next day or something, but, like 30 mins for 2 mins of play?? Dunno if I could watch an entire football game. Still amazes me though that companies are willing to pay ~1 mill for like 30 seconds of advertising! All the dollars.

    Haha I like the randomies post idea! :)


  13. Love how you make up the words! :-) Congrats on the bloggy award!

  14. Yay! I love randomness. =0)
    I think we all talk to our gadgets at some point in time. Maybe we just don't tell everyone that we do it. LOL

  15. Bahahaha I wish I could talk to gadgets too! Everything would be SO MUCH EASIER.


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