A Tale Of Ghost Hunt

I love horror movies.  Who doesn't?  But I am a little big fan of ALL things horror , like spooky locations , horror stories , well except of horrible people . Because the biggest phantom is usually in us , humans. 
I have never encountered a real ghost but I really want to . It is another thing that I'd be fainted by that time , who cares. Once I went on a hunt to find a ghost , bravo it was a horror plan and I was shivering but the silly adventurous soul in me .

There was a old gas station near my grands house and people said they saw a skeleton there , how spooky.  They even saw shadows there . I planned with Areeba to make a "casual visit" there . If it was truth , we could get back,. If not , darn we could shriek and somebody would definitely come to rescue. 

So plan execution took place next day morning , when everyone would be busy so we could sneak out so easily.  
Me and Areeba broke out and made our way to gas station.  Firstly , it was NOTHING spooky.  It was just a little bricked room with so many gas pipes , tha gas which supplied gas to houses . Ugh! Then we slowly moved inside to see that skeleton . I should swear here that I was just pretending to be fine , who would want to see a real skeleton dancing except of tv? I realized there that I didn't. 
There , just right to pipes , we saw something . IT WAS A SKELETON! 
Guess what?  It didn't not move or tried to kill us , because it was a cow's or some other domestic animal's bone case aka skeleton . There were a few , when I looked closely . I was really happy with it that we wouldn't die here from skeleton invasion.
We waited to meet some shadow people there but nothing came up . Perhaps they did not want to meet us , or me . I just can't remember if I had put on perfume or not , so we could figure out it here . By the way,  I was just 11 or 12 by then . Boom , they probably have thought we were cute kids . Cute enough to not to be eaten. 

That day , I realized that not every black bricked building is spooky nor every farm has got the story of The Conjuring . Ghosts may be real but at least they don't live in some small gas station. 

Guess what , a lot of awesome fashionistas (yes, you can count me in , too) are giving away a Kate Spade Quinn handbag . Woah , you can never say no to Kate Spade , can you?  So enter away !!!

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  1. Hi Noors I went on a Ghost hunt to Alton Towers a few years ago and it midnight and pitch black, there was a group of us and errie silent, then suddenly we hear music playing and the room was completely empty and it got louder and louder till it feel like it playing right next to you. It then faded away and everything was quiet and silent again . - That was really spooky!
    On a lighter note, I'm going to enter the Kate Spade giveaway as i need a new bag!


  2. neat post! btw, what happened to your grab a friend blog hop?

  3. Haha! I remember my cousin and I SWORE we saw some kind of paranormal shadow or light on her closet doors. It freaked us he hell out... So much that we cuddled together in her bed just terrified until I bravely stood on the bed and pulled the chain to her ceiling fan to turn on the light. We dashed out of there so fast. We made her parents sleep in her room for a week, just so they could experience it for themselves. I SWEAR it was scary.. and real. But they think it was just a shadow cast from the street light in her window.. Probably was, but we were so convinced that it was something spookier. A big part of me wanted to see her parents running out of the bedroom in fear... Scary stories are fun until they are yours to tell!!

  4. Hahaha I love this post! Good lesson learned I guess? But, seriously i haven't seen The Conjuring but I'm pretty sure I would have been scared out of my mind. Thanks for sharing, girlie!

    - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

  5. I hate horror movies :(. I get nightmares. I could watch thriller/action movies but not horror. anything with people dressed like a clown, zombies and etc...i cant stand it.

    xoxo, K.Lee

  6. Or you just can't see them? :P Honestly, I believe in ghosts and one might be next to me right now, haha, but there are two angels following you so you should be fine :D

  7. This is where we differ my friend - I don't like anything scary or that could induce a panic attack. I steer clear of all scary movies and definitely don't go into scary gas stations with skeletons in them!!! Happy Hump Day love! -Iva

  8. You're so much braver than me! I would have been way too scared to go there:) Sounds like a fun adventure!

  9. My entire life is in my bag... hahahahaha

  10. I can't believe you even thought about going. I hate horror movies. I am a baby when it comes to those things. Glad you all go home safe!!

  11. I would never ever go... creeps me out so bad! haha

  12. Oh shit! I still pretend those skeletons were real! Shhh, don't tell anyone!

  13. My husband and I ghost hunt on vacation and we are staying in a haunted hotel soon in San Francisco! Did you take audio recordings while you were there?

    1. I didn't bring anything with me , back then I didn't have good sense of duty ;)


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