A Happy Week

I've had a happy day , throughout . Because right after I got up from an ugly alarm at 6 am . I knew it was Friday so I wouldn't be up that early tomorrow , then day after that. Afterwards , I can't say anything about Monday just yet . You know , Monday terrifies me badly.
Fridays are that kind of days , where I put my work at a blind side and pretend as if nothing exists but me and the stuff I love . Week days aren't bad too , cut the chores and I'll be happy (which isn't really possible)

Though my whole weekend has been pretty hectic , few bits of life made it a great one . I love life , except of yolo-ness , I certainly do.
This is a billy goat whom I don't even know . He was fluffy and adorable as a teddy bear. I tried making him happy but that rude guy didn't even pose happily for my blog . It's the only good looking snap I have .
(dear billy goat , I know you aren't reading this , but hey you were so cute)

Doing Pinterest crafts with little cousins . If you had asked me about Pinterest a year ago , my answer would certainly be "Just another craftaholic site where you'll find a lot of artificial and non-useable DIYs"
BUT NOT NOW , Pinterest is a lifesaver . We had no idea what to do with crayons and colours so it pretty much gave us a tons of ideas. Plus , I used my Faber Castell set after a big while . Don't get excited , I drew a stick cartoon princess!!!!

Wednesday was my official good hair day . I honestly believe on all bad hair day myths. When you have a bad hair day , it screws up everything , EVERYTHING! Same way , a good hair day will even make a simple Insta selfie look a pretty one.

If you don't know him , he's a million-dolla guy Dev Patel from Slumdog Millionaire and also starred in The Skins. My Pinterest boards will give you more hints #wink

Oranges , LOADS of oranges for me . Last month , we threw an orange beach party which was a purely an accident plan . With a temperature like 9 , we rocked it anyways. Ever since , I don't remember getting out of oranges anyday.
With this song on repeat , I have had an awesome week (again , cut the homework and exams) . and #socialbloggers is getting near . You should be there with me , of course.
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  1. Aww, adorable billy goat! How rude of him for not posing, pff. Still adorable shot. c;
    Your hair does look awesome! Bad hair days literally do ruin everything. I can't stress this enough.


  2. Good shot of this billy goat but this shot still can't beat my selfie with a little billy goat!

  3. THANK YOU for putting Jai Ho on the list. I am SO OBSESSED WITH IT. SO OBSESSED. (okay, rant over)

  4. How cute is that billy goat! I would love to get all up close to that critter! Great photo. Also, I love great hair days... there's nothing better!

  5. I am currently wearing a pretty good head of hair myself. I straightened it for the first time in forever. It's so long when it's straight! For a second I thought that actor was tweeting you and Areeba. I was about to get all overprotective, Canadian big sister on him.. But I see it was a tweet from your sissy. ;)

  6. Don't goats stink by the way? So you know every Eid al Adha there are these sellers selling cows and goats spring up pretty much everywhere. I always dread walking near them because I can't bear the smell of those goats! I heard they pee on their leg, hence the smell... Hahaha

  7. I don't like goats. But yours is pretty cute..I guess. Reminds me of the book The 2 Billy Goats Gruff. I have to read it every year to my kids.

  8. Ahhhh I heart Dev Patel!!!!!!
    I bet you have good hair days every day!!
    Pinterest is one of my favourite sites ever, so much inspiration!

  9. Aww the billy goat is soo cute. Is it just me or he actually looks kinda grumpy haha.. Here's a flying high-5 for you because I totally believe in bad hair day myths. And yes, Dev Patel is cute. *wink wink*

  10. Goats are hilarious! haha I love their little faces. He's still pretty cute, even though he didn't pose! Thanks for linking up with photography friday :)

  11. I love that song and that movie! And yes, Dev Patel is such a cutie!

  12. Your hair is amazinggggg! And you're just gorgeous! I love goats haha...they're so weird and always so grumpy.


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