Winter , yo!!

Happy holidays everybody! 
I guess everyone is celebrating in their own ways , like I am in my blanket drinking tea and analyzing why the heck December is too cold. Probably some of you are so in spirits of Christmas so wishes from me . Have a great time and yummoz food!
So when I am free from school for plenty of days with a cup of tea and Story Of My Life on repeat , I may or may not have something to share (stop being dramatic , I have)

Winter has been my favourite season.  It so should when you have a warm weather all year long then few days of winter are like remedy.  My uncle and I used to enjoy long walks , lighten woods , having hot chocolate and buying TONS of dry fruits . It hasn't changed much , we just have grown up enough to neglact little moments of life. 
My holidays are mainly another reason to buy extra sweaters because you can't wear a fancy sweater in a weather of 30c or plus. If you don't believe me , come and spend the summer with me . Actually I'm wayyy too addicted to cardigans/blazers/sweaters , hello winter babes!!
This season also marks the beginning of my tea addiction , I might have started it in winter because beverages , oh I'm not so keen for coffee , don't kill me . Boo* And I was born in hottish August (aka auggy auggy) , it pretty much clear everything . 

My love for winter can be seen here :

Mom : Stop strolling outside , it's turning cold outside. 
Noor : I'm a summer girl , can I just be outside for some more time? 
Mom agreed , but I caught baaad flu after that . Moral is that : If you are a summer girl , don't stroll much in cold or at least listen to your mom.
(Emotions typed straight from my heart)

So what's your favorite season?  Are you celebrating winter already? 

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  1. I love spring! I'm a rain girl so it's my favorite season, lol. But I love winter too because there's snow and I love love snow!

  2. My favorite season is by far fall. I love the festive environment!!
    I hope you feel better. <3


  3. I love all the seasons! It's all so beautiful to me!! Except this winter its still 79 degrees here and just doesn't do it justice.

  4. My favorite season just ended and my least favorite has started. Is winter over yet?

  5. My favorite season is Fall so I am wishing away Winter. There is nothing about Winter that I even want to celebrate! Ha!

  6. I'm in the cold country right now. It's -32 (celsius) here.. Brrrrrrr! I'm so lucky to live in a place where it doesn't get that cold! I do love wearing sweaters too.. I love bundling up and getting cozy.

  7. I love Fall! It's not too hot and not too cold. Winter is too cold...even though it doesn't snow where I am. hehe.

  8. I love winters too. Yaay!! This is my favorite time of the year. Can't stand the summer!

  9. Omg I'm such a winter girl. It isn't cold enough here in Southern CA for me, I'm dying for some snow!


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