What Kid-Noor Expected


When I was a little kid with a short pony tail over my back , I thought world was a lot fun for the people older than me . Don't tell me that you never thought so as a kid . Because you just did . Didn't you?
Now when I look back ( quite miserably) and think for all the plans I had made for growing up once and they never actually ended up getting completed because lezbehonest , they weren't the real thing of this world , our world .

First thing which tops everything , is MOOLAH $$$!
Little kids don't worry much about money . Do they? If only you see toddlers and 6-years-olds coming out of banks then we can talk about it .
Kid-me was always so worried about "How do they make money , mom?" or "Bank , are they always filled with bank notes? How much do they have all the time?" I have no doubt why I have chosen finance as my career . Well , my mom told me I would understand this system step by step . Steps and steps , I have walked 16 years of my life and I only get $10 = Few Mc'Donalds ice creams .

Then comes cars and vehicles ,
I am SO fond of driving , you probably have realized if you've been around for long . Yet , I haven't got any car to drive along . My family would always have told me so , "16 years old gets the car . You're 6 , all right?"
Hello , I am looking at you to do the justice now .

Kid-me also expected a lot of things like buying each and everything from any shop I liked at mall . This is the ultimate wish I still lead , religiously . Whenever I roam around Mango store and the shiny bags and jackets cry for me . I think it's really hard to ignore . Ah!

Dora was my childhood favourite traveller . I thought I would be able to travel around the world if I get a backpack and a stuffed silly monkey . My crush on her died just after I realized that in the real world of us , there is NO Dora or no stuffed monkey adventure . Just a plane ticket and a lot of stamps are needed , I now hate Dora . I hope I am not alone.

No car , no ultimate shopping trip , no forever world tours . Kid-Noor had expected a LOT!

What did kid-you expected from this world?

Today , I have lovely Zia from Bits of Days on blog today . She's a student in Germany , while she blogs about her travels and life in Indonesia , USA and of course Germnay . A great friend of mine and an awesome blogger , let's chat!

Noor - If you could choose a career for the rest of your life , what would it be?
Be a travel blogger! Or any other career that involves traveling and getting paid doing that. Can you imagine how cool it is to have paid holidays???

Noor- A childhood memory you'd want to share {holidays tale , some funny incident}
I was infatuated by small animals. So when I was about 4 years old there were some wild chicks around. One day I chased one of them around the neighborhood at sunset until my parents had to look for me since they were afraid I was kidnapped!

Noor- What's the most important thing you learned from blogging?
You may have bad grammar but people will still like your writings! This was actually came when I just started my blog and he commented on how bad my grammar was, and I was actually hurt (lol) because he went as far as criticizing me for my writing style! I really felt bad about myself because I thought I was good at writing... Then I learned that as long as the grammar isn't too egregious, you should be fine! It's how you speak up your voice that matters more, not the technicalities of it.

Noor- A tip you might want to give to bloggers?
Personally I like blogs that 'shows' positive side of life. I guess you can be negative once in a while, since we know that life isn't full of roses and daisies all the time, but if you only write about negativity such as you hate this and that, and that life isn't fair and so on, people will eventually get bored! I mean, people have their own problems, do you really think your own problem matters more? Sorry for rambling, but what I'm saying is, send out the best in you in your writing!

Find her on her blog + Bloglovin + Twitter !

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  1. I definitely couldn't wait to drive when I was a kid too!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  2. It's true that adult life comes with a lot more costs and responsibilities than most kids every dream of! So, all the kids should enjoy childhood while they've got it! :)

  3. This post is fantastic and hilarious and basically spot on for my life. All in all though, I've gotta throw in that adult life still rocks the socks off childhood. I love this!

  4. It's so funny to think about how you thought your life would be as a kid! It's so different!


  5. Gah for real, I thought being an adult was going to be so awesome.

  6. This is perfect.
    I always dreamed of being older as a child. Now I definitely wish I would have just enjoyed my childhood...

  7. "No car , no ultimate shopping trip , no forever world tours" Seriously LOLOLOL. I wish our childhood dreams could come true!! Everything was so deceiving haha. This post couldn't be more perfect.

  8. Growing up definitely isn't all it's cracked up to be!

  9. It's crazy the way we used to think. We put undeserving people on pedestals, we thought we would get into trouble over silly things, we had unrealistic ideas of how the world worked. It was great, wasn't it!?

    1. Noor! That was supposed to be "Haley" not Rob.. if you were wondering who this guy is commenting on your blog!!

  10. Haha I loved Dora as a kid too. I used to make my own "adventures" around the house. Which usually meant a huge mess for my mom to get mad over.

  11. My kid-me expectations were pretty much full of hoop skirts and dreamy castles, reality hit me pretty early. :p

  12. ur so cute love this post!


  13. Haha I bet your parents are kicking themselves for saying you'd have a car at 16!

  14. HAHA! Oh, what I wanted as a kid that I don't have now... I don't think we have time to go over all of it :)

  15. lol adult life SUCKS - sometimes. Ill give it some credibility, you're still between a "child" and an "adult" so you're in what I call 'limbo' so give yourself a break. Once you go off to college and can obtain a full-time job, then you can start SAVING up for an ultimate shopping spree and traveling! However, once you graduate I know you'll get LOTS of gifts from family members and your community - ya'll party hard and give generously so I'm sure you'll be able to accumulate a few hundred for a mini shopping spree, and throw in a car from your parents ;) Anything small will do as long as it gets your around!! When you're in college - take the opportunity to STUDY ABROAD there's your traveling :) And I too love the Mango store.. it's so AWESOME - I bought a purple dress from there that I still get compliments from until this very day and it's YEARS old! Have a great one love and drink tea, we've all been disappointed by adulthood Noor ;) -Iva

  16. I didn't know how good I had it as a child - I'd slap myself if I could and scream "ENJOY IT!"

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  18. Ahhhh Life in the eyes of a child. Can't we be just children forever? :D

  19. Hi Noor, your blog is lovely, and so is your writing.:) And just like you, I use to think that when I will be old enough then I will travel the whole world by my self, just like the stories you know, but then after growing up I realise The Real Situation.:D Don't know what we were thinking, right? But it always nice to remember those silly little things.:)
    Happy Holidays :)

    Priti Xx

  20. I thought I'd be driving at 16, but I'm 22 and just now learning to drive. Life is funny sometimes

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