Weird Is The New Different !

Sometimes I wonder about random things . Like my new manicure with glittery nail polish doesn't look good (I should had bought it in pink instead of red) or my black sneakers doesn't fit me well . Well , it's way too random .
Some random goes weird . Weird enough to be different , like seriously .
I was thinking about my facts to add in a bio/intro type of thing . You would always need some sober things to put in your official papers . I put pen between my teeth and started wondering .
"How does my handwriting look? Yay or nay?"
" I am an IT genius . Pure gross"
" I would rather , tea cup or XL tea cup"
They're sober enough to add in a paper file , but the real weird facts are coming on blog today .
1- I can't stand dull colours (deepest purple , blue-ish blue , grey like stones etc) . I just CAN'T . If I am supposed to wear a dull colour dress to a party , I am NOT going to that party . Bye!

2- The first song I heard of Miley Cyrus was the theme song of Hannah Montana . Ever since , I wanted someone like her to be my bestie (conditions may apply nowadays)

3- I am obsessed with gold . Not only the colour but the REAL one . I have a lot of jewellery that I either inherited or bought or got . I am not simply leaving my house without putting on a sparkling piece.

4- When I used Facebook for the first time , I thought it was so awkward and was never going to log in back . Then? I just tried to be social.

5- I have an unintentional passion for Mathematics ( I even learned this spelling for a good impression). This is a real weird thing . Even I accept it.

6- I have LOADS of bracelets . I am obsessed with them , whenever I am passing by a jewellery boutique , I make sure my eyes are closed .

Not weird enough? My pretty sponsors are also sharing their "itty bitty" weird facts with us today :

1. I love everything cute and adorable such as unicorns, penguins, pandas, and even weird animals like llamas, sloths, alpaca, Totoro. I usually save a picture of them on my phone and tell everyone to get one for me in a serious manner. They're used to my weirdness, so they just say "okay I'll get you one" and laugh at me cos I'm weird.

2. I memorize funny movie and tv quotes and use it in when I talk to my close friends and cousins. My favorite one is from mean girls: "I'm sorry that people are so jealous of me. I can't help it I'm popular" haha. Usually I just blurt random quotes at random times.

3. I have this happy dance that I do unconsciously when I get really excited. It's like a penguin walk with a little jumping motion. One time I did that in public. I got so embarrassed and my boyfriend kept telling me to do it again. Haha.

Zia from Bits of Days

1. I like to rub/scratch weenis a.k.a the flap skin on your elbow. I think it started when I still drank milk from the bottle and I would scratch the weenis of someone sitting next to me because it helped me put myself to sleep! The habit still continues until now somehow...

2. I put coins and notes in different pockets. I feel it's not efficient to put them in the same pocket so I always make sure to put them in different ones.

3. It bothers me if I don't finish my food and there are still crumbs on my plate! First, I feel like I'm not done eating if there's still edible stuff on my plate and second, I feel guilty wasting my food when there are people in the world who can't even eat three meals in a day!

I love everything related to stationery! No matter how many items I've bought but I'm always greedy to have more! Gimme notebooks, stickers, paints, things that I really don't need, things that are of no use for me but I want because I love everything related to stationery.

The easiest way to piss me off is just to ask me what I want to become once I complete my studies. I hate this question. I mean,  it's my personal business so stay away.

I'm very bad at texting. But once I start typing like mad, I type so fast and make lots of typos.

Lydia from The Piccolo Pixie

1. If there is nothing plugged into a wall socket, it must be turned off. If it's not, I will turn it off myself.
2. The volume on the TV has to be at a multiple of five, otherwise I will get irritated.
3. Things have to look evenly spaced/in a pattern. On bonfire night I was putting together a chain of glow sticks with another person and they were making fun of me because every time they put in a different colour or the right colour but in the wrong order (which is even worse) I would get annoyed and have to fix it.

So , what are some of your weird facts? 

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  1. I prefer between in a room with no sunlight coming in (i'm no vampire I promise just a bit weird).

    1. I'm exactly the same, my mom once asked if I was a vampire. XD

  2. Love the wierd facts! It's what makes us who we are!

  3. I'm glad that you've put some conditions to your Miley-kinda-best-friend wish! Oh Alisa, you just WON my heart, you my lovely meanie!

  4. I love that you close your eyes when picking out accessories! That's perfect. c:
    You may have inspired my next post, as we're all strange in our own ways.

  5. I used to really like algebra when I was in school! No one understood because most people hate math, but I just loved algebra. I've also gotten an A in every single math class I've ever taken. I forgot everything I learned though haha. And when I first got a Facebook, I thought it was lame because I was still in my MySpace phase. Yikes! That was such a long time ago.

  6. Noor your facts aren't too weird. Remember when I asked Rob to tell me one random thing about himself..and he said he likes to BITE things?.. THAT'S weird..lol!
    I wish I liked to accessorize more. Then I would have more cute pieces to add to my outfits!

  7. Such a cool little post! You are so right - the weird things about us is what sets us apart!


  8. If someone doesn't close the door of the room on their way out, I freak lol
    This is my desktop, 'In order to be irreplacable, one has to be different'

  9. haha these are funny! :) Thanks for letting me a part of it.


  10. Carselfie! I love this blog post! your posts are always so cute!

  11. I have an obsession with rings, and I don't even wear them that often cause I end up taking them off half way during the day as they hinder my movements :P Nevertheless, I still love collecting them ;)

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  12. ah, I love / am obsessed with gold as well! sparkle sparkle :)
    and thanks for linking up today!

  13. I definitely think weirdness is a good thing!

  14. Ha, cute post. I found a weird fact out about myself recently, well, I knew it all along but I just never really thought about it. I REALLY hate having wet hands, but I also really hate drying my hands. I usually dry my hands on my clothes because I don't like to dry them, but then remember I don't like them wet either but I've already left the bathroom!

    Corinne x

  15. Hmm.

    I HAVE to have chapstick on me at all times. If I forget it or lose it I have to make a special trip to get more.

    I'm left handed but use scissors with my right hand.

    Supposedly I talk in my sleep (so says Izzy).

    I wake up at least 3 times during the night.

  16. i'm starting to love gold! normally i only wear silver jewelry but lately i have been loving everything gold :)

  17. I am not into gold but I agree on vibrant colours, they are so pretty :-) .

  18. I also am pretty obsessed with gold! Had a good laugh at some of the little unique things that make you YOU!! <3 xxxx


  19. Haha love your list and weird is the new AWESOME. :) I dislike getting out of the shower and stepping on cold floor - I need to have slippers or a rug beneath my feet. Naps help declutter my mind and I cannot work without music - my company's bandwidth is a lot higher thanks to all the YouTube I watch on a daily basis at work. :) Have a great one Noor! -Iva


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