We Are Bloggers !

Blog about anything and everything
I loved this movie , I hated that movie . Kim Kardashian gives me head aches. Blah lah lah .

Take hundreds of pictures 

"Gotta tweet about it" 

Instagram food 

Know more about apps than your regular neighbour 

Love to pose with almost every (appropriate) object

Have an unintentional love with couch naps

Have friends around the globe

Understand "Sponsors" and "Advertise" better than you

Yes , we're bloggers and we know it . Honestly , I can never make good lyrics or even their parody . That's why I am not working right after Taylor Swift . How perfect lyrics of her songs are!!!!  better don't envy (that I secretly do).

Since I officially came to blogosphere , I am so enjoying everything about it . Friends , writings , fun and everything in between . How could you ever say no to this type of community? I , just can't . My blog even turned one a few weeks ago and here I am , counting the width and length of my blog , which clearly shows I better work on Logarithms again . But who cares , I can still type & publish , which is pretty much important rather than anything else.

Bloggers are actually very unique and different people . Dear non-bloggers , can you wake up at 6 and write down an unique blog post just in half an hour *or less ? I couldn't even complete my short essay in that time .
Well , I still don't .

Love ,
A blogger (aka Noor Un Nahar)
Linking up with Sarah

Today , I have lovely Lydia from The Piccolo Pixie on blog . Let's talk to her.

Noor : What's the inspiration behind your blog?
Lydia : The inspiration behind the name is the SU music camp I went to for six years in a row. At my third camp in 2010, we did a medly of music from the film The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe which I played the piccolo in. People used to always say that it sounded like a pixie, and thus, The Piccolo Pixie was born.

Noor : The most repeated song on your music player right now .
Lydia :  It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas - Michael Buble. Aaah I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am about Christmas! And this is one of the best Christmas songs ever!

Noor : If you could travel to some country of the world , where you'd go? and why?
Lydia : I would go back to Sri Lanka. We went when I was 10 and I've always wanted to go back and see more of the country. I've got family there who I've only met once so I'd love to go back and see them again.
Head over her blog to know her more . Or find her on twitter .

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  1. "gotta tweet/instagram that" beyond me. YUP im a professional blogger ;)

  2. We are bloggers and ya know it! haha!

  3. Noor, I love this post!!!! :) You've captured bloggers perfectly ;)

  4. Gotta quote Anna, we're bloggers and we know it! Yeah I can pose with every oh-so-appropriate items (aka goat's face)

  5. Or inappropriate objects haha. Love this!

  6. Ohhh man I have totally been acting like a blogger these days. I'm out with the girls and I'm like, I just have to snap a few shots of what we're doing for my blog.. Sorry...! I'm always taking pictures of what I'm doing.. I'm always making notes in my phone when a blog idea pops into my mind. Blogger? Guilty.

  7. Whoop whoop for bloggers!

  8. Yes! Since joining all the social media sites, I go through my day thinking, "Can I tweet that?" "Should I instagram that?"
    Exploring My Style

  9. We are bloggers, we are cool ;)

  10. Aw fun post, beinga blogger is kinda special isn't it xxx

  11. Love it! Except you couldn't make me wake up at 6 to write a post! :) I'm a late night writer!

  12. "take hundreds of pictures"- this is real life!



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