Oh Dear Lappy

Hello people, 
If I say that it is going to be a tragic post so you shouldn't get me wrong.  Here I am , typing straight from my tablet instead of my bud laptop that I call lappy . It surely doesn't make a cute name but we'll get along.  Phew. The long story short , my laptop lost its hard drive or whatever-it-is and I have to wait for it to get fixed.  I couldn't even do Grab a friend blog hop this week but hey , it is coming next week (as I hope). In the meantime , I would be waiting for it like Repunzal waited for getting out of tower.

The memories I've had with lappy :

When I first opened the box to have it on hand , I wasn't very impressed with the color , I thought I'd get a pink , girly laptop but it was plain black one. Darn , I was disappointed and thought I'd never ever use this guyish laptop. Plus it was a big or you say large one so I couldn't carry it easily.  How bad it sounds , but I carried on anyways . Until I realized it wasn't thaaaat bad.

I spent 2 months using all the premium services that came with it.  The games , services and more games.  I stayed in a heaven of luxuries until the trials were over . I hated to realize it but okay, I was NEVER going to active them with my card.  Instead , I could have bought some blings for lappy.

I've like 20k pictures in its memory,  from cards to USBs , there are a lot of pictures from a lot of events . The only pictures you can't find in it are from 1800's , unless I could Google them and have them saved #brainerlikeme

Most confessing , it took me two months to find the web cam application in it . I thought the cam on front was "hidden somewhere" in drives.

I could be called a cruel owner because sometimes , it never got to shut down . I would leave it on sleep mode and resume my work.  The longest period was perhaps a week or two?  Insert a whole talk of cruelty here. 

It's a HP G60 notebook so I always called it a Harry Potter laptop that was especially designed for me from Hogwarts. But my mom would never accept , duh muggles!

I typed all good things hovering in my mind right here . Firstly , it's hardest to type on a tablet , secondly I really miss lappy , thirdly I HATE to type on this freaking touch screen , forth uploading pictures is a serious headache while on tablet and finally , ah finally I typed it.  Kudos to myself (if only you're not going to say it to me , i did it myself)
Just now , II've sent lappy to maintenance center so let's see how long it takes to be back home . I'll be flying or puking rainbow or glitter then (I should really stop bragging by the way)
Have a great day and go hug your laptops/notebooks/tablets/ipads for being around.  High five to technology. And i have never hated auto correct that much before . Never!

Do you have any gadget-obsession story? Let's shake hands then.


  1. I'm sorry for your lappy loss. <3
    I lost my laptop in 2011. -_-
    Glad you're back - and have a way to keep posting!!


  2. Aw sorry about what happened to your laptop Noori. I hope you get it back from the shop restored in all its lappy-glory. :) My laptop is like my (material) best friend and apologies to it cause I rarely shut it down (like only twice or thrice a month. It's always on hibernate mode)! Glad it's turning a year old in January! :)

    Happy Holidays! ^____^

  3. I love my gadgets soo much that I really take good care of them. I hope you'll get your lappy soon :)

  4. I HATE typing on touch screens. Even when I'm on my phone and texting a friend- if we're having a long conversation, I just ask them to chat me on my laptop.
    I'm so sorry Noori- I hope Lappy comes back fine. If not, you can have a full-on funeral for it like we did for my friend's laptop over the summer!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  5. awh bummer! i hope its fixed soon! :)

  6. ahh man typing on tablets do suck. I hope you get lappy back soon.

  7. :( that sucks! I think I'd have a meltdown without my laptop! Are you getting a new one or getting it fixed anytime soon?

  8. Awh, that's terrible, I don't enjoy typing on tablets either. I call my laptop Lindley *shake hands. Get well soon, lappy! xo

  9. I wouldn't even blog from a tablet. I already hate typing it now! Never perfect enough! haha!

  10. Poor laptop :( I had that issue once… terrible terrible thing! don't worry your not the only one, my poor mac sometimes doesn't get shut down for that long either. I hope for a full recovery for lappy ;)

  11. I like my tablet but I absolutely hate typing on it. Since I got my iPhone I haven't been using my tablet as much. It is much easier to type on my phone. I hope you get your Lappy back soon friend!

  12. I am still so sad about this! I hope you get to be together again soon. Last time my laptop broke, they decided not to fix it and keep mu hard drive for no reason and didn't tell me for a month! So I threw a fit and made them give me a brand new nicee laptop

  13. The first time unboxing my laptop which I bought with my own money was great! And I absolutely loved it, so my laptop is like my baby :d which is terrible to be honest...

    I hardly ever shut my laptop down, only when it has to install updates but I postpone them as often as possible too...

    I hope it gets fixed soon!
    xo Grace

  14. I wonder where the bloghop went!

    I hardly ever shut mine down either. I just close the lid, bad bad. I've had it two years though and it still works perfectly fine! There was a period where I hardly ever used it though but I've been using it more and more lately and my mac less.

    I hope you manage to get it fixed soon! It can be distressing without it!

    Corinne x

  15. Oh so sad :( Hope he returns in perfect condition!

  16. Bahahahhaha HP G60, that is SO HILARIOUS! I wish my laptop was secretly a Harry Potter laptop haha. And I never let my laptop shut down either...woops. It's just on sleep all the time haha.

  17. I think my laptop must've heard you! Cause now mine is broke!:-( posting from phone is no fun!


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