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I LOVE when people talk about their childhood . Some reminiscing is good for health . I may have a lot of stories from my kid-hood but right now . I am in a face palm mode . Anyways!
My lovely sponsor Lydia is taking over my blog and talking about her childhood . Wanna read?

Hello my lovelies! I'm Lydia and I blog over at Journals of a Piccolo Pixie, glad to meet you all :) When Noor asked me to do a guest post I had no idea what to do, but I was at home this weekend so though it'd be fun to tell you a little about my childhood.

This is me about four months old, when we were living in London. I was born in Chasefarm Hospital in Enfield on 23rd June 1994. However, I don't remember anything about living in London as we moved up to Scotland before I turned one.

When we moved, we lived with my Grandparents for a little bit. Here is the most recent picture of them:

Again, I don't remember living with Granny and Papa, but I do remember bits of living in our next house.

The picture above is of me showing off my pointed toes in the back garden of the house we were renting. I remember when my Siya (Grandad) and his friend Praxede came to visit and I was given a dog which sang the song How much is that Doggy in the Window? in which the dog barked. My mum really didn't like that dog...

Not long after, we moved into the house where I have most of my childhood memories. This is me outside the front door on my first day of school.

It was whilst we were living in this house that my sisters were born. Here they are playing 'dolls'.

We all pretty much grew up in this house, until we moved to a little village in Norfolk called Attleborough. Naomi started school here and Susanna and Bethany went to nursery whilst I did year 5 and year 6. We only lived there for two years before we moved back up and I had my last year of primary school before starting high school. Now, I'm living in Aberdeen whilst the rest of my family live in Edinburgh and my sisters are growing up, fast. I love my family and am so thankful for them.

So that's me and my family. Hope you enjoyed learning a bit about us!
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