If We Were Friends!

I've always tried to be an easy person . I really do so . I am a kind of person you'd find silently sipping tea in a peaceful cafe . Until you REALLY get to know me  , it will turn out I am already listening crazy music in ear buds and my tablet is actually full of social media junk (and some school notes) . The real me to the real you .
Getting real today , there are always SO many things I want my friends to know . But I won't ever tell them , why? because I want everyone to realize , which is a worse trait already but instead of saying anything, I don't say it at all .
So if I were your friend , I would REALLY want you to know that :
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I am a fan of John Cena
Don't you say WHOOPS . I am one of those gals who watch WWE . Long story short , I used to watch WWE with my grandpa and he & I used to choose player and commentary against each other's players . I always supported Cena and now , whenever he pops up on T.V , I know I am going to watch him anyways.

I adore tweeting

I CAN'T live without tea
This is simple plain truth . I am not only a tea addicted but a super tea addicted , a cuppa morning/noon/after noon and every other chance I get to have tea . My blog name could be "Confessions of tea addicted" or "Tales of a tea addicted" but thanks goodness , I have never been so creative before . Such a good thing to realize .

I am a shopaholic
If you hear a girl saying that she doesn't like shopping , let me tell you she's lying . Us ladies cannot resist shopping . Nope . I can spend hours upto hours in wandering malls to get the best stuff I can get . The only thing I haven't done in a mall is a nap . Which is quite near because whenever my aunt's getting married , I'll be spending bucks and hours in malls . If you were my best friend , we could totally be shopping for hours and I would let you use my tablet for updating statuses . How cool of me!

I blog
Oh wow . If you don't know this , we're probably not even acquaintance!

I have an obsession with
Emailing instead of texts
Fishtail braids (that I can never ever do by myself)

I wish I was an ancient Egyptian 
I am a history junkie . Ancient Egypt is that place where I wish I could belong . Secretly , I think I am somehow a lost princess or a descent but sadly , I haven't got a clue like that . I probably got that obsession from watching a LOT of scooby doo . Or the new levels of Plants VS Zombies have awaken my long lost wish , boo!

I rather emailing than texting , most of the time

That's it . 
Today I am happy to introduce Lydia on my blog today, my pretty sponsor .

Hey there! I'm Lydia and I blog over at Journals of a Piccolo Pixie. I love to sing and dance and bake, but, best of all, I love sharing it all with you guys. So come on over and check it out!
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  1. O gosh I seriously can see why we are friends. I am a huge shopaholic, but you probably already knew that from my blog posts lol!

  2. Lol we would get along well that's me to a T.

    Come check out my giveaways going on ;)


    1. Truth is; your blog is a really cool place to hang out at and just browse all day/night long! LoL...Love your blog girl!

  3. This post was so cute! What a cool idea!!
    love ya girl!


  4. I can't live without tea either!

  5. My grandmother use to have us kids drink tea first thing in the morning and last thing before we go to bed. I absolutely hate it now because of all the tea I had in my younger days.

  6. Emailing instead of text? That is f'ing hilarious and cute.

  7. ha ha secretly I have had a crush on John Cena for years!

  8. Oooh, an ancient egyptian! What a neat thought.. that never crossed my mind before. I wonder what the reality of living in those times would actually be... Where did people go to the bathroom? Were women treated harshly? What kinds of food did you eat then? So many questions!

  9. I love emailing, too!! And tweeting. I wish I had time to do It more. Tea all day everyday!

  10. Very nice post....tea, tea and another tea....just like me!
    Im also so fascinated by the ancient Egyptians..I always read and watch programs about this amazing subject, because I just love it. One thing is sure there,is that for centuries and centuries before they were already very advanced .. especially in architecture, haven t they built the pyramids? they had already invented the first contraceptives from animal and vegetable products,Yes , very an intelligent and well organized civilization...

  11. Noor! Interesting fact: my son's grandfather (ex-husband's father) has a name that is pronounced exactly like yours, Nour. :) I like tea but I'm more of a juice addict. Like you, I think I should have been born royalty in some era but I doubt I could have survived without my HTC One or my laptop O_o.. in Ancient Egyptian times, you can't check your email and that's no fun ;) Have a great one love! -Iva

  12. Glitter, notebooks, tea, etsy, fishtail braids..yepp, we're friends :P
    I'm more of a Greek mythology person myself, but I was crazy about the whole Egyptian gods/godesses stories at one point :P

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  13. Loved reading all these things about you! I'm obsessed with glitter and Etsy, too:)

  14. Can we hang out please haha. I'll shop with you for as long as you want! All day at the mall and then all night on Etsy!


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