I Will Never Tell

I have been a good secret keeper all my life . As a kid , I never told mom who broke the white vase though I knew it was my cousin who was posing with it to take an (imaginary) photo with an old kodak we had to play with . My mom may still suspect her for doing so but I never told Mom what actually happened . What a good girl I am.

Then , I did a lot of "good" secret keeping .

In my Uncle's wedding , me & Areeba were the coolest kids around because "our" uncle was getting married . You know the kids pride , just for that . There was a big tree at the back of my grands house , which was old and kinda looked like Harry potter's mad tree , Whomping Willow !
Just to give you an idea!

Areeba climbed that tree up , me and other kids followed her . Our little epic adventure was quite in process then... a branch of that tree broke where Areeba was keeping her balance . SHE FELL FROM TREE!
Well , we were terrified . Anyways , picked her up and took her to back yard . We made a pact that we would never tell anyone (elders , ofc) what actually happened . The result was terrible because Areeba had broken her ankle .
Everyone thought she lost her balance while cycling and we accepted it . Just suppose , it could have happened. The worse thing was that Areeba had to move with plaster on her foot , in a fancy wedding dress. This is what you call payback.

/ / Before my 15th birthday , I wasn't very optimistic with my parent's plan to my birthday gifts . I wrote in my diary , " I am so happy , I am probably getting a new family camera or family laptop . How exciting" .
In my defence , a 15-years-oldie could only have a slight taste of sarcasm like that.
But they gifted me a new laptop , proper personal one . So I had to remove that line from my diary and swapped it with "I've got the best family in the whole wide world" .

/ / My music collection has always been so classy . Literally. But sometimes , we all make some tacky choices . I bought myself Justin Bieber's "My World" deluxe edition because I thought those songs were catchy . That feeling vanished away soon .
A friend of me asked me in a party , "You've got the deluxe edition from JB? Bring the CD up and we'll play it tomorrow. I answered ," Ummm errrrn I exactly don't remember" . Perhaps I never owned it , must be dad's or bro's . Haha" .
She gave me frowns but I am standing tall on my statement . So if anyone wants that deluxe edition CD from me , it's resting in peace my abandon cupboard .

These bits clearly indicate that I can keep secrets . For me , for others , for the peace of world . If you have a secret , you can tell me right away . Hah , JK don't tell me (shhh do you really want to tell me?)

Have you ever kept a serious secret like I did? We must be soul sisters then.


Today I am introducing my sponsor, lovely Anna from Anna Czarina blog . She's a great photographer and shopaholic sistah .

Noor: If you could describe your life in a paragraph , how would it be?
Anna : If there was one word I could sum up my life, that word would be blessed. I'm very thankful for my parents for giving the life that I live now. Having grown up in 4 countries, being able to travel the world and go to university. Blessed. My family and friends mean the world to me. I don't know what I'll do without them in my life.

Noor : If you could hang out with any celebrity , who would he/she be?
Anna : Ahhhhh this question got me going back and forth to which celebrity. I'm going to be cheeky and choose 2. Well these 2 are best friends so I mean if I'm going to hang out with one of them the other one is bound to come along. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. Selena has been my role model since Wizards of the Waverly place and I've been listening to Taylor's music since her first album came out. I think hanging out with these 2 would be so much fun. I can just imagine 22 playing in the car while driving to a cafe. 

Noor : What's the most important thing you learned from blogging?
Anna : I was a bit afraid telling people I have a blog. I'm not sure if what I write sounds like me in real life. I was hesitant to post about it in Facebook but I did. Then 2 weeks from starting my blog one of my friends suddenly told me she reads my blog and waits for new blog posts which surprised me cause I haven't told her about my blog. And she said I sound exactly the same in real life and that she loves the idea of me blogging. So I learnt that telling people (meaning you facebook friends) about your blog is a good thing. Don't be afraid that they'll judge you or something. 

Noor : A tip you might want to give to bloggers?
Anna: Have fun with your blog! Blog the way you want to blog. Write the way you want to. Just make your blog YOU. :)
Find her on Bloglovin and Twitter . She's a sweety , I am sure you can be friend with her ASAP!

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  1. Thanks Noor! Love being in your blog!
    I will never tell who's idea it was to play a little game during a school assembly back when I was 7 that got us in trouble by our school principle. I have never been more terrified in my life haha.

  2. Omg I kept so many secrets like this when I was little hahaha. White lies never hurt anyone, right?

    1. Also the story about you editing you diary is freaking hilarious.

  3. It's amazing some of the secrets kids will keep. AND it's also crazy what we thought would get us in major major trouble when we're little too! I remember a friend fell asleep with a piece of toffee in his mouth and it fell on my brand new pajamas that my Great Granny made me.. I took the pajamas and threw them away in fear that I would get into so much trouble for it. Later on in life I admitted to my mom that I threw them away. She was so sad to hear that because she wouldn't have been mad at me AND she probably would have been able to get the toffee out.. without destroying the pajamas. !! You just don't know when you're little!

  4. Oh no, poor Aree!!

    There are loads of things like that I did as a child, I have told my mum about them as an adult and she just laughs, ha.

    Corinne x

  5. I am sooo terrible at keeping secrets!

  6. I was also a good girl in keeping secrets wen I was a kid.. Nice post!!

  7. Your Areeba falling out of a tree story reminds me of a few years ago when my sisters and I were riding four wheelers. My little sister and I were on my dad's and our older sister on our mom's. Just us three girls out. My little sister flipped the four wheeler and it landed on me. Not awesome at all! We agreed to NEVER tell our dad (haha, we're adults ourselves and we still didn't want to get in trouble). He still has no clue.

  8. "we all make some tacky choices" bahahahah... yes we do! :)

  9. Oh poor me! Hahaha thanks for keeping THAT secret. Oh that crappy CD!

  10. Haha I went in my diary to make changes like that too!

  11. ahh that's so great you are so good at keeping secrets!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  12. I just adore you and your funny-ness!!! I definitely think you are great at keeping secrets!

  13. confession: I'm pretty much the worst at keeping secrets. tell me your secret-keeping ways!! ;)
    ps, thanks for linking up with Treat Yo Self!


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