Blogging Goals for 2014

This photo probably has nothing to do with this post but I'm trying hard to manage a good looking post from tablet. Just because blogger and Blogger's app , both suck at uploading photos so I have to go along with it . Gaaaaaah!
So when 2013 has only 4 days to be around , I'm writing down my so-called resolutions for 2014 . The first thing I managed to write was my educational goals (typical) , then came the citizen role and finally blogging.
My blogging goals for 2014 are pretty easy clear . As long as I can type , they are here :

Get a new device for blogging
It's the most important thing I have learned ever since I started typing on a touch creen instead of laptop key board . If you don't know story of Lappy , you should.
So I'm forcing myself to get a new device for blogging . A new laptop , a blue tooth key board for tablet and anything else that could help .

Better , better , better
The ultimate goal for a blog is to get better and even better . I have a long way to go and I believe 2014 will be the year of progress . So I will try to take every step I can , to make my little bloggy better . I would need your help , too , guys . Your sugestions are even more appreciated than you think , so don't hesitate to send any suggestion you might have for my blog #BigSmileyFace

Organizing , woohoo
Cut that "woohoo" part , I am way too excited to be an organized person . What if my wardrobe and shoes are not organized , it doesn't really mean I am never going to be organized . I actually am.
For a good blog organizing , I would need a planner (except of a student one , that includes my class-made doodles mostly) , a calender and a work sheet . Back to student days Noor , back there.

Make new bloggy besties
Trying not to sound cliche , but I would love to have more awesome people in my circles . It's never enough though .

Wise Sponsorship
It's for me and you . Yes you. I have tried a whole fortune in sponsorship on different blogs and it's been an average experience . I would actually see how this year's sponsorships go . At least I know some good bits by now . Shhh it's a secret between us. A little one.
Plus I will try to make my blog sponsorships better than before . It is SO important. And I won't disappoint my blog , nope.

So these are my goals for blogging. You probably have some too , right? Let's share , perhaps we could help each other .


  1. I think these are really good goals for your blog. It is soo important to have make your sponsorships great. I am learning that along the way.

  2. My goal is to grow my blog! If you have any advice?!?! I get the page views but not too many GFC subscribers? PS. I am looking for blogging besties!


  3. I've gotta get organized too!!
    Hope you accomplish all your goals. c:


  4. Ooooh I definitely need to get organized! I keep doing everything last minute and I know that it will all catch up with me one day... -_-
    This is a great post Noor! I think that goals are a lot easier to reach when you actually write them down, so well done! I hope you accomplish everything! ^_^
    And Merry Christmas!


  5. those r some great goals. Best of luck with them, im sure youll nail them :)

  6. Great goals! Mine are let's see... I'm with you on the more bloggy besties! I also want to continue to improve quality of posts- sometimes I feel rushed to get something up and don't give it enough time and attention. In 2014 I want posts that are only top notch :)
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  7. I want to be more organized too, it's super duper important I think! Good luck with everything :]

  8. these are really great goals :)

    Shalay| itsjustshalay.blogspot.com

  9. Love these goals - I need to do this too! Yours are great!


  10. I've been blogging for years now but I never took it seriously before but now I want to earn money from it too and know more personal bloggers! :) You're lucky you get to have so many readers even though you started late..:)

  11. Great goals! My goal is to MAINTAIN my blog once I return to work full time! I'm sure you'll be able to accomplish your goals. Did you make a post like this last year? If you did.. you should see if you accomplished THOSE goals from last year!

  12. These are definitely good goals for your blog! Lots of luck on making them happen & sticking to them :)

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  13. Blog sponsoring is such a confusing and iffy business, it's hard to figure out where to put your money to make it worth it!

  14. Good luck! I want to work on sponsoring this year too, both me sponsoring other blogs and other sites/blogs sponsoring mine, I'm pretty clueless and don't really know where to start!

    Good luck in your goals!

    Corinne x

  15. These are some great goals to start the year with. I've finally started myself an editorial calendar (actually a whole notebook) taking bits and pieces from lots of different places; and am hoping that will help with my own organization goals.
    Looking forward to hearing more from you this year too!

  16. Found your site from the SITS Sharefest and I love it! You really have some great blogging goals for 2014 and I'm inspired now to create a list of my own. I think having some goals will definitely keep me more focused!
    Karen's Soiree

  17. Great bloggy goals! I have no doubt that you will accomplish all of them! :) Cheers!

  18. Hi I'm Christina from www.creativetizzy.blogspot.com I came across your link on the sits girls sharefest post and thought I'd show some comment love. Keep going girlfriend, goals are so great to have, to measure where your at and where you are going. You are moving in the right direction. Come visit me and keep in touch, my new blogging bestie ; )

  19. I definitely want to focus on better and wiser sponsoring this year!! cheers to that chica!

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