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I love fashion . Does it sound familiar to you? I mean we all DO love fashion , nothing new .
I am more of a casual wear person , someone who can go to a fancy party with converse as footwear . Or a glittery scarf with plain ol white shirt with baggy pants . Easy peazy , I am glamorous .
That always doesn't happen.
You know , the people you live around are even more stylish than you . Run , run , run . You gotta be with them , you gotta chase what the new Versace model is wearing , you gotta have the new jewellery launched by talk-of-the-town designer . YOU GOTTA HAVE IT!
Gah , I don't like it . I really don't . But of course I do so because I live in a world where you'll be judged by the new necklace than the person in you so okay , we'll get on like this .

My most "PRO" face
So when Rose Gal asked me to do an outfit with them . How could I say no? I love fashion , clothes and more clothes + jewellery . Perfectly , a girl in need of clothes is a girl of course (do you see it rhymes?)

This Ethnic Style dress I am wearing was hard to choose , they had a LOT of awesome pieces that got me tempted . Well , less choices , more wants . We're human beings , aren't we? And their reasonable prices were so reasonable . I am wearing my everyday jeans , a black cardigan , a stole , a braid if it's eligible to show off a hair style?
This ring has got its own story . My aunt's mother-in-law gifted it to me even without knowing the mmber of my finger . BOO , she grabbed my hand and it fit in like....I was the one to make it . 
JK , I can never make a ring , I am so confident about it . 

Have you seen the prettiest statement necklace on Earth? I own it , thank you! 
I even had the candy pink necklace but it didn't make an appearance in this sophisticated (kid of) outfit .

That's it . I will wear anything I want . Branded or casual , fancy or not-so-fancy . I live for pretty clothing and food so the rest of the things don't matter . As long as I have a cup of tea , a statement necklace and Big Mac , this world is beautiful . Otherwise , I really have to be worried.
PS : Applaud me 2x for the first ever outfit post . Thank you Areeba for some terrible photos . By this , I mean awesome.
If you're looking for some awesome new clothes , I would recommend checking Rose Gal out. They ship quite fast.
How do you style your outfits? Any fashionista thought? 

Disclaimer : These item(s) were sent for product reviews . The opinions shared here are my own and NOT influenced by anyone or third party.

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  1. Very pretty top with lots of patterns and geometry to it!

    I encourage you to participate in my give away!

  2. love your fashion there! Are you allowed to wear casual clothes like jeans and tops? I was wondering..


  3. I basically style them from the bottom up. I pick my jeans and shoes then decide what top will look good ! :) Pretty ring!


  4. I am addicted to accessories - I will be buying more this weekend. It's out of control but that's how I style myself :) It's always useful to have matching/complimentary accessories with every outfit :) Love your necklace and have a great day love! -Iva (will most likely see you on the sitssharefest chat =])

  5. Congratulation on your first outfit post! You did an awesome job. I love that ring! Why don't I have relatives like yours?? :( I love the blue neck-piece too. And the other candy pink necklace, I had see that in a shop and loved it, but god knows why didn't buy it. Now seeing it here, I so regretting my decision..

  6. You look sweett! And your photos are GREAT *insert a grumpy face here*

  7. Love love love love love love love love everything you're wearing in the pics above!!!! You got such cute style girl!! And majorly obsessed with your dress.


  8. Soooooo pretty, blue is a great color on you.

  9. LOVEEE this look! And you're totally gorgeous!

  10. Gorgeous outfit! I wish I could coordinate an outfit as well as you can.

  11. Hey little girl, you look so pretty in that eastern outfit. Especially the print of your top is excellent and I also <3 that gemstone necklace.


    East Essence

  12. You have such pretty jewellery Noor! I like that you girls had 'twin' posts today!

  13. Aww you look so pretty! You are so humble which is why I keep on returning to your blog. That necklace is swoon worthy. By the way do you live in the wilderness? Because then I'm coming to join you ;)

  14. The jewellery you're wearing here is beautiful, especially the necklace! Gorgeous! x


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