12 Things I'm Afraid To Blog About!

Ever since I started posting on my blog , the issue of being real or "sugar coated" is definite . Honestly , I am NOT always posting what is on my mind , which I find quite natural . If you can feel this , you might know that sometimes , we just blog because we have to blog . Just because!
The post of Kym from Travel Babbles touched my heart . It was about the things she was afraid to blog about. So by jumping on that train , I will pour my heart here.

The serious anger issues I have to deal probably would NEVER be the topic of my blog . How often it happens that you share your bad habits? I find it hard to confess but I really need to get over it . If I don't share it with anyone , I stress myself out . Which is even worse !

I am proud of a lot of things I accomplished , like good grades than many other mates of my class , like new adventures I have done (and others haven't) . But I feel if I ever talk about that , I will be pushed into the circle of narcissism

I am afraid to be judged . Said enough.

My profession is my BIGGEST priority which is related to finance and accounting . BUT I find it all so boring , I love Maths and stuff but by the end of they day , I am not enthusiastic at all . I am in a big dilemma and I haven't figured it out .
Maths to Noor , and Noor to Maths . That's a complicated equation! Said my dad once.

Blogging is so important to me , it's not about writing a post and publish it . It's about me , my creativity and all the people related to my blog .

I  want to travel around the globe . New places , new cities and new traditions fancy me a lot . I have a serious wanderlust ! I can't wait to have a passport filled with stamps . And some new food in my tummy, in case #wink

My family is so important to me . If they're in a hard time , I can't bear it . I will do anything and everything to make them happy and cheery . Even if I have to climb Mount Everest for that (errrn I wish it would never happen tho)

I share each and everything with my mom . By this , I really mean everything .
" I broke that glass , I lost my money , I am so heart-broken right now , I did this & I did that"

I have my beliefs and I completely follow them .

I hate racism .

Nothing can stop me once I have made a decision . It often leads me to very serious situations (where my trouble doesn't even go with a bite of chocolate or some Skittles)

I try to make people happy . If somebody laughs just because of me or even a little smile , I'll be content with my existence . Helping others filled my heart with happiness , like that happiness which I get from buying some new Mango or Forever 21 clothing .

Is there anything you're afraid to blog about?

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  1. I think you're super brave for posting something like this, opening up a little bit more. It's so scary to put yourself out there, and there's definitely this idea in the blogger universe that you need to portray this picture-perfect life because it's appealing... but when it comes down to it: We're all real people! :)


  2. You're so brave to share all of this! I share everything with my mom too!


  3. I'm afraid to post about a lot as well, but you just have to remember your own morals and respect. Great post Noor! <3

  4. I can feel you about blogging. Somehow after you're doing for a quite a while, you'll feel that your blog defines who you are and (at least for me) you get defensive about it. Nice handwriting! :D
    P.s.: I got your email and I was really happy! Hahaha. I never checked it so I didn't know about it. Like a nice surprise after a long day of studying! Thanks :)

  5. Happiness from Forever 21 clothing. Ahh, yes...

  6. this is a great post
    racism is never acceptable

    Shalay| itsjustshalay.blogspot.com

  7. I think it's nice that you tell your mom everything. I was never close with my mom until I got older and moved out. Now it's much easier to tell her things.

  8. So we have to ask mom about your secrets? Gah thank a lot sister . This post is great ;)

  9. This is definitely an interesting collection of confessions...

  10. You are a brave girl to open up so much, Noor. I find it quite normal indeed to not talk about everything and anything. Blogging is very similar to life, don't you think? You don't go around telling your secrets, and that's pretty much the case on the Internet.


  11. I love Kym's post and yours is great too!

  12. I just found your blog via Karly Kim and I am so excited to read more!

  13. I will have to check out the Travel Babbles blog. The post Kym wrote sounds really great.
    There's plenty of things I think I'm afraid to blog about. As a blogger, I don't want to overshare about things that don't matter to anyone else.
    Thanks for opening up a little about your fears!

  14. I love your honesty and I totally understand where you're coming from with this post- I'm still trying to figure out what I am comfortable sharing on my blog!

    Thanks for being real. :)



  15. Such a sweet, heartfelt post! I must admit, I too am afraid of being judged etc. Isn't easy to make confessions =[ well done.


  16. I saw this on Travel Babbles and loved it too! We all need to get things off our chest, even if it's a brief description to approach it!

  17. It's hard to be vulnerable for everyone to see. Even though you have a blog it doesn't mean that your entire life is fair game. If you have anger issues, that's for you to deal with and not to have to air out for everyone here!
    I respect that you even wrote this post! It's hard to talk about the things that are hard to talk about! LOL- a bit of a mouthful!

  18. I'm with you on so many of these things! Especially the vulnerability, racism, and blogging. THanks for being honest with us. ps. Love your blog's color palette :)

  19. Thanks was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing, Noon <3

  20. I also can't wait to have a passport full of stamps. Love how open you are in this post.

  21. It's hard to open up to your deepest fears and flaws, especially in a public way. But opening up every now and then (like this post) does make for some of the best writing and it can be healing for yourself as well. I write more funny posts than anything, but when I right about my fears and pain, I find it scary, but worth it. "Write hard and clear about what hurts"~Ernest Hemingway


  22. Stopping by from the SITSFest. I have a lot of things I try to blog about, but many times I find myself pulling back--especially from some of my emotions when I'm writing. This makes me go back and start over, because the whole reason I want to write is to "spill my heart."
    I totally agree with you that writing about our bad habits is not a great subject to tackle; maybe because we want to present our best face to the world. Sometimes though, that's just the right thing to talk about--our bad habits and how we've been able to work through them.

  23. There are a lot of topics I am afraid to blog about. I really don't like writing too much about me or my kids - which is funny since that is what started me blogging to begin with. I just want to make sure that I am not over sharing.


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