11 Things You Should Know About Noor

Happy Sunday lazy people ,
Thanks to Karly , I am posting something very original. The random facts about me . Oh yes!

1- I can't wear nail polish for more than one day . If it has been on my nails accidentally , I will scratch it off . For real.

2- Blue used to be my favourite colour as a kid . The reason was Areeba who always said that she was girly and I was boyish . So I had to be in boy zone , BLUE ZONE!

3- I am still secretly addicted to Candy Crush Saga . Just because I have been stuck on level 36 , really doesn't cut me off from this obsession . But just to show off to my friends , " I don't play it any more"
*still trying to clear the jelly

4- Before I got in Maths , I really loved Social Studies . My plan was to learn ALL about world and travel here & there , but now I am pretty much happy with +/- .

5- If you don't know me , you'd think I HATE Maths . If you do know me , you'll realize I am becoming an accountant . WOW , the perks of speaking less in public.

6- I have been a tea addicted for so long . As far as I remember , 10 years maybe? I am 16 now , just calculate it .

7- I can never make a good C.V without including Blogging in it . I don't know what expression it makes on them , clearly I don't care.

8- I want to be BFF with Taylor Swift . I love the way she writes her song , no filter over the accidents incidents , ya know . So if anyone pisses me off , me & Taylor could totally write a song over it and make it #1 in Bill Board top 100s .

9- Sophie Kinsella is my most favourite author . Her each and every book is my favourite , I have almost read "Can You Keep A Secret" 10x times . So if you read her too , we can be BFFs.

10 - I HATE GOING TO DENTIST! If you see me there , it must be Mom or Dad who dragged me or tempted me for new candies . Otherwise , NO!

11- Noor is pronounced ( Nu-uuu-rrrr) . I bet you didn't know.

So , that's all !

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  1. Hi Noor, its nice getting to know facts about you. I too love candy crush saga. Freaking addictive!

  2. Hi Noor, nice to know some random facts about you :)


  3. Its so funny that I didn't know your name was pronounced that way. I always would say Nooor! lol

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  4. Hahaha... I love that last gif! I hate going to the dentist, too!!!!!! Just the smell of the place makes me want to run and hide!

  5. fun learning more about you! and i love tea too - so tasty!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  6. Im a fan of Taylor too! :) Also, I don't wear nail polish cos it's against the rule of nursing and my nails are too short anyway haha

  7. Awesome post! I too cannot stand the dentist! If I wanted to hear a "drill" going off in the background, I clearly would have gone to my mechanic! And my nailpolish, usually lasts three days tops!

  8. Woohoo! Now I know how to pronounce your name properly!!
    Social Studies was probably my favourite subject in school, Maths was least favourite!
    Did you see my tweet about FINALLY passing level 350 of Candy Crush, after months and months? Wooo so happy!
    I think I only got into drinking tea in the past two years, weird I know! And I think I'd like to be best friends with Jennifer Lawrence or Mindy Kaling!

  9. Thanks for not mentioning me for introducing ya to Sophie Kinsella!

  10. I love Sophie Kinsella, and i love (milk) tea too! :D

  11. What's in your tea? I am from southern Texas so I am used to Sweet Iced Tea! I also hate the dentist, and I have to get 8 teeth pulled in a couple of weeks!!! 😳

  12. Sophie Kinsella.. I knew we were friends :)

  13. I love going to the dentist! There's nothing like the feeling of clean teeth! I know I'm weird.
    Haaa I know how to pronounce your name, it means light, doesn't it? ;)

  14. I'm with you on the nail polish, Noor! I can't wear it for more than a day because it feels so dang heavy on my nails, and I can't deal with it if it's chipped!

  15. I HATE the dentist, omg. I piece of my tooth chipped off like a month ago, still haven't gone...I'm too scared haha. And I am Candy Crush obsessed too...ugh it's impossible to stop!

  16. Wait! So I would pronounce it.. Newr. I've been saying it that way.. N-ew-r. Oh I hope that's right. I was pronouncing Helene from Helene In Between.. Helen-a.. until she explained on her blog one day. Doy!

  17. I don't know what it is with everyone and Candy Crush LOL! I like Sophie's books too, some of them were so funny!


  18. I knew how to pronounce your name! I like my dentist you should go to them, they're super nice. :) It's snowing here!!!! Perfect time for tea ;) Take Care Noor! -Iva

  19. SO glad you told me how to pronounce your name. I've seen it other places too and of course just assumed it was how it looked. I can wear nail polish on my toes but it just comes off my fingers so I never wear it!

  20. This was a cute post! A great way to learn more about you :) I added blogging to my resume a year ago and one person actually commented on it, thanking me because it gave them a peek into my personality before our interview. And I got the job :)

  21. Cute post. I love learning about bloggers that are new to me. Helps me get a sense of what their blog is all about.


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