When life closes a door!

Just a motivational picture of my pretty Bougainvillaea
When life closes a door , it opens another .
I am so philosophical these days . Quotes , wisdom & everything in between waves me and I dive into it . Well , it's not such a bad thing to redeem because I think sweet sixteens need a motivation like that throughout .
Though when life actually closes a door , it really does . Things screw up and a big mess is JUST created . How do you manage it? How do I manage it? We just do it . Right?
I have a different strategy when it comes to solving a "life closing a door moments" . Now please don't get confused with these moments , I've got ya some examples :
1- Your biggest competitor beat you in some kind of race .
2- You got pissed off in your job .
3- Your plan didn't go the way you wanted . DOOR CLOSED .

My strategy is " When life closes a door , hole the wall and break out"
The following week has been the toughest week for my life . Exams , revisions , monitoring , classes , writing , responsibilities . GAAHHH doesn't it sound super stressful? If it doesn't , let's swap life for a day . If you break out , I'll get you.
So I broke it out . I studied in morning instead of night . It was a risky one because if I couldn't manage to wake up early , I might end up staring paper . But phew , It went well . Nights to rest and chiilll .
I didn't write notes ( even blog posts , that's terrible) , they are all piled up so I guess I'll do them after this Saturday.
It is a small one but I did what I actually wanted to . Broke the wall and ran away from everything that distracted me . So today's post prompt is (in a way) that just one time , try soemthing that's totally ridiculous to think . If it seems hard , just remember a student did it in a hard way for exams and got succeed . You'll thank me later .
So here I am , sitting with my tea mug and typing this post . The weather is turning cold slowly , very slowly and I hope I see sweaters just after this week . Heck , today was my cousin's birthday and I totally forgot it{ Happy mr. 4 years , hope you will never be able to read this} I am at least when it comes to remember birthdays . The only person's birthday I remember is Areeba's . It's pretty much clear why .

Have you ever tried this "Break out" thing?

Today , I have my sponsor to introduce ya'll . She's Anna from Anna Czarina . She's a blogger with awesome photography ( I LOVE her photos) She and I are deffo just became friends around blogosphere . If you want to know her more , check her 17 things about me .
My blog is pretty much my lifestyle. Sometimes I blog about things I've experienced and an example is "friends and goodbyes" I love photography so I really want to showcase this in every way in my blog. Fashion to everyday happenings. I love my music so I like to blog about what i've been listening too and my favourite songs. I might soon do DIY cause I love making stuff. I actually make bows and have a shop running but I've hold that off for now. (cause of uni) I love going into tumblr and searching quotes or words so in the near future i'll be blogging more about that. I also make banners with quotes. I love reviewing stuff or just talking about any collections I have or stores I love.
Find her on her blog or follow on Bloglovin // Twitter // Instagram // Tumblr

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  1. I also love the adage 'when life closes a door, another one opens,'because I think it is so true. I have been crazily bogged down with work as well, but I know it's only temporary.

  2. You twins, really are twins! I know, that sounded dumb.. but what i mean is.. You both seem to be in the same way.. Aree wrote about things not going your way, you move on.. You're writing about, if things aren't working out, make it.. find a way. I like it all.
    That's something I've learned from Rob over the years. Never give up.. there's always a solution to a problem.. you just have to TRY. He's a really good problem solver. He lives to solve problems, I swear!

  3. The photos are beautiful. The flowers are just gorgeous. Sometimes when life gets really stressful, you just have to mix things up. It sounds like your made the right call.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  4. sometimes it can be hard to let go and move on from a disappointment but the sooner you let go of the negativity the sooner you open yourself up to positive possibilities.


  5. Hole the wall and break out? I love this! I believe you're the only one to think about this or it's me when it comes to dilemma or a chocolate drink? Mind it!

  6. Another opens i hope.... :)

  7. Does a sponsor pay you or how does it works?

  8. I love your new philosophy!! So inspiring :)


  9. I am learning about philosophy right now, so totally into that! Love your philosophy! Keep up that positive attitude!

  10. Love this post! You have such a great outlook! :)


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