What I'd do if I had a twin.

Don't be shocked by the title . I know I do have a twin sister and some of you know her ( Hint : Messy Bun) but today , one of my best bloggy buds , Kate is taking over my blog and she'll tell you why this post is called so .
Hi friends! I'm Kate, a British expat, graphic designer and blogger over at Diaries of an Essex Girl and more importantly, I am one of Noor's blogging buddies... to be precise, we are pizza loving pals! When I won Noor's giveaway and received an ad space as a prize, I was so jazzed about this and THEN I found out I got to guest post too! INCREDIBLE!
However. This created a big problem arose for me... what on earth do I write about?! Noor told me to be random... errrr... do not offer me this! I hope you and your readers are ready to hear about the lengthy thoughts I've had about what I'd do if I had a twin, because that's how random I'm going today.
  • We would definitely play all sorts of epic hide and seek games with just each other and with other people. With each other, I think it'd be cool to wear the same outfits and figure out if it's your twin you spot OR your own reflection. For others, well, we'd just go crazy because we are twins and can get away with all kinds of mystic nonsense! Here's what I think it'd look like.
  • Although if we dressed alike I think it'd be more like this.
  • We'd have totally different personalities so that people could tell us apart when we felt like it. BUT we'd both really like to watch the same TV shows and the same kind of chocolate. Because I feel like that's important in a best friend/twin sister.
  • When we grew up, we'd live in a huge house together with our husbands and we'd use our twin telepathy to talk crap about our partners whilst they are in the room. We'd also share parenting duties to all our kids meaning less poo and sick to clean up for me!
  • Finally, I am pretty sure I would definitely have to - at least once - do the old switcheroo trick! Noor, I want to know if and when you and Areeba have done this one!
Well guys, this was actually harder than I thought because whilst being a twin looks awesome, most twins I've met are pretty independent and don't do lots of "twin stuff" like we saw on Two of a Kind and Sister Sister. I think maybe Noor needs to share with us some twin stories... maybe we can turn it into a book series?! You guys could be the next Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen... haha, just kidding! :P signature
* Come on Kate . That's a cool idea of book , I think I have hundreds of stories that I might sell or swap for anything Mary Kate & Ashley .

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  1. I would totally do the switcheroo, you could have to!

  2. Ha, yes! Love this post, especially because you included MK&A (love them)! I always thought it would be such an incredible feeling to have a twin, who knows you better than anyone! And I agree with Krysten, I would totally do the switcheroo ;)
    xo TJ


  3. Nice post :) I do sometime's wonder what it would be like having a twin. I am 3 years older than my sister and when were younger we would fight all the time ^^ Of course it's always the older sibling that get's the blame ^^
    Have a great week!

  4. Love this post! Hope you tell us some of your twin stories Noor! That would be fun.

  5. Love this! I definitely wished for a twin sister when I was younger!

  6. Hi Noor, love reading this - i always wanted a twin but instead i got a selfish son of b**ch as a sister.


  7. oh such a nice post. and love the pic so much :)


  8. When i started to read this really creeped me out, I was like hu, but you're a twin! Great that someone took over your blog :) I'm interested in a guest blog, wanna write for me?

  9. What a wonderful post! Really loved it!

    I remember that MK & Ashley movie!!! Ahh I want to watch it again now :)


  10. I wish I had a twin!
    Love both of your blogs. <3

  11. Thanks everyone for the awesome comments! :)

    Kate | Diaries of a Essex Girl

  12. That's a really cute idea for a post. If i had a twin... oooooh that could be fun to post about....


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