Story Of My Life

It always doesn't happen that you are intrigued by a song. But when it happens, it is surely a touching/catchy song  Despite being a crazy fangirl, I like One Direction music quite a lot. When their new song Story Of My Life was released. I was hooked . Give it a hear.
Then came the video of SOML and it included a number polaroids in the background. Did I ever tell you that I am crazy over polaroids? So I stepped forward and made my own version. Because I thought that song was crazily attached to my life and recreating a scene from it would be a good idea. Wink.
The polaroid hanger on Story of my Life
What's the story of my life? completing some sparkly dreams, moving on with the awesome-est people on earth and living life like I always wanted to be. A lifetime of 16 so far always doesn't give many opportunities to you so chasing them at first is better. Even better.

Photos tell the great life stories ( that might be the reason 1D guys chose the polaroids, tell me I'm right) I have a slight obsession with photos. Isn't it amazing that a piece of colorful paper ( okay ..almost) can have a HUGE piece of memory on it.
Boi band in SOML 

I had been looking for something to have my Instas into some kind of pictures then InstaJunction was in action. This is one of the reasons I love being a blogger is that I am around the most exclusive offers . Thus, I got their product to show off  try on.
I had 4 coasters & polaroids from them and guess what!!!! It's from Instagram, heck yes. Then I was up to make Noor's version of SOML. Proudly presenting this DIY: The Polaroid Hanger!

I used sparkly/glittery wire to embellish that grandma gave me or else I would end up on some lifeless wires. Cloth pins & InstaJuntion's polaroids.

I am happy it didn't become a Pinterest fail. The reason is clear, it didn't involve glue/hot glue, any adhesive that freak me out. Thank you for your existence, dear cloth pins.
Oppps!  a snap left behind.  

I think I forgot to include the inspiration and coasters with my face on em . I would never ever use it on my tea cups though . They are super silky and I am shell fish!  

Got tempted by those instas? You should visit InstaJunction because they have a lot of awesome products besides polaroids and coasters . Use code FRIEND25BE on your cart to have a 25% discount on any orders . Advance welcomez!

Thanks,  InstaJunction to letting me review their products. These products were for review and the opinions are 100% my own .

So what's the story of your life? Have you heard this song?

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  1. I'm speechless, love it all, the whole concept Ur right that a picture holds a great memory with it, thanks for sharing. much love sparklingsmakeup.com

  2. Omg this is SO PERFECT. I have actually been wanting to do something like this in my room for like three months...going to do it immediately! Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Great post! I love the tie in with the music video. Perf.

  4. Im not really a one direction fan but I love their new song :)
    I love the polaroid idea :)

    Leila xx

  5. I love polaroid shots! These are all so beautiful! Love it :)
    xo TJ


  6. I am so obsessed with this song! The video is soooo good! The pictures are wonderful x

  7. Wow this is so cool!!!!

    I also haven't heard much by One Direction but ONE DAY I will make my way to the music store and go have a gander!! xx


  8. Not gonna lie buddy, I am not with you on the One Direction thing! BUT! This is an awesome DIY :)

    Kate | Diaries of a Essex Girl

  9. I badly want to have a polaroid camera for so long. But I still can't decide if I SHOULD get one or not. But this post of yours just convince me that I NEED it in my life. :) You're so creative btw. Thanks for the idea :)

  10. great idea, checking it out now!

  11. ahh very cute! I'm obsessed with this video, I love when Harry's picture turns to real life and he's in his robe haha
    ps. your blog Is super adorable!!


  12. So there ARE DIY that work!! Hallelujah! This was a very clever and meaningful way to review a product. Great work Noor. I love polaroids too. Taking them is the best part.. because you have to wait to see what the picture looks like...!

  13. haha, your clothespin polaroids are adorable!

  14. What fun! I've always wanted to do something with my insta pics! I haven't heard that song, but I'll definitely have to go have a listen!

  15. I love the photo hanging with clothespins.. I have a similar one in my living room with black crows as paperclips for photos. :)

  16. Noori. You are the cutest. ever.

  17. Love the poloroid project!! Looks lovely! I will certainly have to check out InstaJunction as well, never heard of it before. Thanks! Follow me at http://8danielle.wordpress.com/

  18. Oh my word, you are the cutest ever!!
    I haven't heard this song yet. Definitely going to listen today!
    LOVE this idea! I want to make one for my baby's first birthday (which next month, yikes!) I hope she grows up to be beautiful and inspirational like you :)


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