So Robert Frost was right

I must have to name this weekend to "The Best Weekend" ever . I was on a shopping spree whole days and ended up in Mc'Donalds . My nose is fully red with flu but YOLO , I ate a whole ice cream cone . Before I regret , I ordered a cappuccino‎ . Not impressed ! Though my whole taste buds are full of tea so I don't blame them much . Next time , I will have a tall cup instead a small cup.

So while we drove around , I had my note book and I was randomly doodling . It's quite a habit or a weird quirk that I always write down a quote of Robert Frost . That " Life Goes On" . Some people even do their signature , ah I hope I can get a signature by the end of the year (or gotta make it in 2014's resolutions)
So back to quote , these three plain ol' words might be the most important words for me . I stopped crying over a broken pencil nib because I knew I could sharp it again . I stopped listening to others and found my own voice so I could stand straight and blame my mirror , not my neighbour . Ya know!

It wouldn't stop if you've lost someone very , really close . No one dies with the person whose funeral you might attend .
You'd be left alone to face certain troubles , very really certain . You'll end up with a solution , believe me.
You'd lose a match and might get kicked out of team but it wouldn't stop you from playing . 
You'd not be able to get into some profession that you wanted so you'll be mastered into something else.
Life will move forward and you'll learn something at every stage . New steps , new people and new opportunities . That's what I have learned so far . I can inspire the rest of my life with it . That's it . I have started loving Robert Frost's poems that happens to be in my English Literature course and he didn't disappoint me . He was right . Definitely.
Here : Robert Frost
(Disclaimer : Moms , don't leave your children with so much philosophical books . Or else they'll end up writing posts like this one)
I can tell you that all quotes (even one written on bread wrappers)  inspire me . Some wisdom words never hurts anyone . So until I keep collecting them with my 16-years-oldie era , you can stick around . If you have a favourite quote , why are you waiting? Tell me.

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  1. McDonalds ice cream is sooo good! I am not a huge fan of their coffee either!


  2. The only hot drink I like from McDonald's is the peppermint hot chocolate. Their coffee is not very good, and it makes me jittery. :p

  3. Hey, you should keep writing posts like this. It's amazing how literature can inspire us to think differently or live our lives with new appreciation. That's a great quote :)


  4. I really like this post! :) Very positive!

  5. Okay, these 3 words already has motivated me a LOT! Thanks for putting Robert Frost's picture!

  6. I love this! I need to self inspire more by doodling phrases like this one! Life goes on is a great quote to live by!

  7. Sounds like you had a lovely day! And LOVE the fact you used the word YOLO! It's my favourite!

  8. Bleh, I'm not a fan of any McDonald's espresso. Grr-ross. Love the philosophical posts though, every now and again you need it!

  9. haha, love this quote..and your writing style! it makes me laugh :)

  10. Love your post! :) one of my all time favorite quotes ever is by Diane Ackerman - "I don't want to get to the end of my life and find that I have just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well."

  11. "I stopped crying over a broken pencil nib because I knew I could sharp it again . I stopped listening to others and found my own voice so I could stand straight and blame my mirror , not my neighbour." - Did you write that!? I like it Noor...
    Every step of the way will be different but with each step- like you said; you'll take in something new.

  12. He was a very smart guy! I've always loved reading what he wrote!


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