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Photography is my unintentional love . I have always LOVED cameras , polaroids , pictures and everything related . For me , it doesn't belong to a heavy DSLR or 50 mm lenses . It's a hobby (in my full lobby) and I can't resist capturing anything . Gimme tablet , Nikon , iPhone or etc // I will move up & down to give you an expert capturing pose and will end up with an epic snap (WARNING : It always doesn't happen )
I'm taking a photography challenge . Challenges always invite me over like it's a tea party , in a hard way .  So I hopped over and did challenge my photography skills .

Brown & blue-ish is my favourite contrast . Who knew I would end up having a spread in it? BRAVO!

OOTD & I have never been good with each other so I will only show what I am wearing right now . It's a lovely black sweater (and plain , whoop) . This pictures shows my curls even better.

Still life
That's my pretty face on a coaster . Remember I will NEVER EVER use this coaster on my tea mug or glass or whatever.

Daily Habit
Daily habit ? blogging all the way . I don't know a single day where I might not want to explore blogosphere. Thanks for posing , dear tablet.
This ring has been my long loved possession . I received it from my mom and I love it to pieces . A hand focus is always a good focus .

I hope these tids bits can let me focus more on photography . If it happens , that time wouldn't be far when I would be standing in stilettos for my photos launching . Who knows , dreams come true in such a strange way.
Linking up with Melissa's November Challenge
So do you love photography? Have you ever been indulged into a passion?

Today , I have amazing Amanda from Niescior's Notes to introduce on blog . She's a sweet gal and we've become Twitter buddies in NO time . (Hint : Ryan Gosling) If you know my love for pasta , you may know why would I love her Italian recipe . And we share the love of Giuliana Rancic .

1- What's the most fun thing about Blogging for you?
Blogging has taught me that I am not the only weird person out there! We're all different in our own ways and as bloggers we make use of this to better our blog and improve our posts!

2- How did you start your blog?
I started out running a blog for The Rancic Army last year and did a large number of posts for that blog! The blog came before the site and was a huge success - at least the stats were indicating that. However - as life moved on, I was unable to stick to the commitment that blog needed and decided to shut it down. This year I decided to start blogging for me because its something that won't tie me down if that makes sense?

3- Who's your biggy big celebrity crush?
When it comes to my male celebrity crush this list could go on for daaaaays! I think that the person that is at the very top of my list at this point in time - is Ryan Gosling mainly as a result of recent tweets that have been exchanged ;)

4-Any blogging tip you want to give other bloggers?
Gosh - not sure if I'm going to be able to offer anything valuable - but one thing I can say is that bloggers shouldn't try and fit the mould and develop a niche! Always stay true to who you are as a person and the vision you forsee for your blog. Don't let your posts be influenced too much by bigger blogs and what the majority of the blogging community is doing!

You can follow her on  Bloglovin // Twitter // Instagram !!

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  1. Love the coaster! I want one with my face on it! Ryan Gosling is definitely a beautiful man to look at!

  2. I love the pictures! Great job you did here!

  3. I've always loved photos too, but I'm not so great at taking them. I like your coaster! And your ring is lovely. (Great hand shot, btw.)

  4. My dad used to do photography and even turned our bathroom into his own little darkroom. When I got older he lent me one of his cameras so that I could take a dark room and photography class in high school. Now, I'm much better and videography because I get more practice making packages in school, but getting better at photography is always on my to-do list. I think my blog has pushed me into taking the little steps I need to take to get better, but I really haven't gone out and actively tried to better my photography. I'll need to take a look at Melissa's blog and challenge!

    The only other passions I've ever had were for dance and food. I don't have the time or funds anymore to dance in a studio, but I still do love me some food!

    Mo, ollivandermo.com

  5. Love this photography challenge:) I've recently gotten into photography and it's a great way to express yourself and find the beauty in everyday things. Thanks for sharing!

  6. That's such a pretty ring Noor! I love jewellery that is passed down from family. It makes it that much more special.
    Your hair looks super pretty and curly in that one picture of you!

  7. Love your ring!! I wish I had a good camera to challenge myself in this photography challenge! I loved taking photography classes in High School, and Community College! Look forward to seeing your other photography challenges!!

  8. Your hair is gorgeous Noor! WANT! Also, I love the coaster of your face... kind of want that too! :P

  9. Ahhh love the photos Noor! You're rocking your curls very well! That ring is too precious and I must say photogenic too! :)

  10. I like the photo challenge. It gives us a different glimpse into your daily life.

  11. I love challenges and you did a really good job! You're SO GORGEOUS!

  12. Love a good photo challenge, can't wait to see more!


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