It's Giveaway Time

My favourite time on bloggy, .the group giveaway from me & my awesome sponsor is here . Before I tell you what's up to grab . Let's do a know-the-blogger thing first .

Zia of Bits of Day : She's a student in Germany , blogging about her travel and adventures .

Areeba of I have a Messy Bun :  My twin and the awesome blogger with a messy bun on her head . Her blog is full of fun , sense & awesomeness .

Kate of Diaries of an Essex Girl : She's an expat in Germany while she's originally from Essex . Her travels will take you to London , Paris , Amsterdam and more.

Rachel of Sunshine and Sinatra : She's a college girl and knows how to enjoy the fun life of young days . Obsessed with pageants , holla fashionista!

Amanda of Niescior Notes : She's studying in University of South Africa and is in Tourism . She & I are the Ryan Gosling fans and ultimate supporter of Giuliana Rancic.

So what's up to grab? LOADS of ad spaces & PayPal cash . Enter away , may odds be in your favour.

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  1. great giveaway! :D

    What's your favourite colour? PURPLE!

  2. I like red, purple, and black. I couldn't pick just one!

  3. I love purple and turquoise...
    Thank you for this lovely giveaway!

  4. my favorite color is turquoise!

  5. Favourite colour is definitely light blue! For clothes maroon/burgandy

  6. What an awesome giveaway ladies! I love hot pink but wear mostly black!

  7. Well, I love mint green, pink and sky blue :)


  8. No ways! Thanks so much for linking me to a South Africa based blogger! :) xx


  9. Oooh I always go through fazes but I am really loving morning yellow and sunrise shades :)

    Laura x

  10. Awesome giveaway and looks like some fun new blogs to check out!

  11. IM soo exited about this giveaway!! it's perfect for getting to know all of you lovely ladies and growing my little blog :)

    my favorite colors are pink ,gold, white, aqua.. haha im a total girl & if glitter counts as a color then glitter as well. :)

  12. jewel tones. Especially purple


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