I was that kid....

I might have a careless & fun filled childhood . Honestly , I don't remember much from my 16-years-ago-days . I was a brilliant little girl ( as claimed by mom ) who only hung out with her twin sister . They were VERY mischievous and so on . What else can you expect from 5 year olds?
BUT something I remember as being a kid is ....
I was that kid who knows everything . 
Like who has seen the latest cartoon episode of scooby doo? Who has the most bright eyes? Who lives where & everything . I knew it all . But I never provided my services on spying because I was always so busy helping Areeba or helping myself on something very tricky or fun . Again , what else 5 years old could do?

I was that kid who always freaks out .
I broke a lamp and I'd run away . Dumbo , that was an expensive one . So instead of getting scolded , I preferred running away and after a while , I would tell everyone what actually happened . Not a good trait for sure !
I killed my aunt's fish . I was only helping them with the whole packet of fish food and they died . Their fault not mine . But I freaked out .
I cut off the expensive-est halloween , spooky mask and ran away . It looked creepy , not my fault.
I tried to iron a shirt that got burn . Shucks the iron , not my fault.
( Well , i can do a whole book on "Not My Fault" thing . )

I was that kid who wants everything  . 
On my uncle's reception , his lady chose violet , a very pretty shade of violet for her dress . That got me tempted . I think I was six or seven then . She wore it on her reception and that dress went out . But my heart was stuck on that shade and for a coming event , I started struggling for the same shaded colour , even the same dress that a bride wore on her reception . Cray cray , I got that shade but not that dress .
I wanted the balloons of red colours instead of pink . I wanted water bottle instead of thurmos . I wanted a CAR instead of cycle . I wanted everything , and everything.

I was that kid who is picky .
I hated eating veges . I still do , but grown ups learn to survive the gravy of peas and stews of lady finger . As a kid , the food I adored was plainly sandwiches , burgers , noodles , salads & some other junks . I remember when once I wasn't given noodles , I didn't eat for a whole day . A WHOLE FREAKY DAY!
The bright side is that...I never wasted food . I traded it . Give me that and take this . Fair deal!
Oh how bad I wish there was a Mc'Donalds right after my school , it never happened . NEVER!
My picky-ism would start on : Hair bows , sandals , watched , combs , cycles , boots , game boy !

I was that kid who loves reading .
Everybody I knew since childhood never had the collection of books like mine . The reading habit is genetical from my mom . When every kid was buying colouring books or flashy stickers , I was carrying a pile of books that got to be finished in a few days .  I still have Nancy Drew , Harry Potter , (Hannah Montana , the books) and some magz .

I'm guest posting on Samantha's blog about the things that left me stuck in my childhood. Hint : Disney , Disney . Go & read yourself !
So what type of kid were you? Do we share a weird-ism ?

I am so excited to introduce Zia from Bits Of Days on my blog today . This sweet girl is my sponsor and a student in Germany while she's originally from Indonesia ( one of my favourite places) . Let's have her on chit chat !
1- Why did you start your blog?
I started a blog in high school as a way to pour my hearts and soul without annoying anyone about it (except maybe my few friends who read my blog back then, but hey, it's their choice :P) but I hated writing with my own hand, that's why blog was a really nice place for me to write.

2- What's the biggest passion of your life?
I would loveee to have a small business that I can control from home via the internet so I can do it wherever I am. I consider myself to be quite conservative, like having a family and all but I would also like to be independent financially and to travel as much as I can, that's why I think this is the best option.

3- If you could travel somewhere right now , where would you go?
Bavaria! It's down South and far from where I live! But I'd love to see the castles.

4-Any blogging tip you want to give other bloggers?
If you want your blog to be heard, network! Don't expect people to come to your blog if they even don't know it exists... Sponsoring is also a good option, because not only you can connect with the bloggers you sponsor, you can also generate traffic along the way! Also, comment on other blogs, but be genuine, and add your own thoughts or opinions, not only promoting your blogs! 
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  1. Haha! I was also the kid who wanted everything lol Being the youngest child, I was kinda spoiled :) Nicely written, Noor! :)

    Lovely blog, btw! Followed you via GCF :)

  2. Great post! It's fun to learn more about you and the mischievous child you were:)

  3. A book about things that aren't my fault would definitely be a long book haha. And I was the kid who loved to read too...my mom would find me in the middle of the night reading in closet when I was supposed to be in bed haha.

    Marla @ A Weekend Crossing

  4. Love all these pictures. You always have such great posts

  5. I was the kid who loved reading and was really picky too!
    I only drank water (no coke, tea, nothing) until I was 14 years old!

    Kate | Diaries of a Essex Girl

  6. I loved books too. What kid liked vegetables!? I remember saying I didn't like peas and then my step dad finally asked me if I had ever tried them.. So I tried them and boo bam.. I liked em. Go figure.. Kids are little shits that way. Now I love all kinds of veggies because I actually try them first.
    Ohhhh you should put up pictures of you and Areeba when you were little ones. I bet you were soooo cute.

  7. I was a total bookworm too! And I was super picky (sometimes I still am). =0)

  8. Kid? You still want everything. Especially the pieces I pick at shops -_-

  9. I love this post :) quite funny, made me laugh a little :)
    I also love reading, I need to read a lot more though
    Leila xx

  10. I was the only apple of my parents' (and my parents' co-teachers') eye for three years so I was that kid who's sort of spoiled and I couldnt have asked for more. :)

  11. like it! i still want everything, but since i have to buy it myself now....i do not want as much! ha!

  12. This was funny and cute! lol. I think I was a pretty good kid but I was very creative and expressive, I took dancing lessons, figure skating, jazz, ballet, karate, soccer, you name it I did it.


  13. MashaAllah :) may Allah the Most Merciful guide you and your beautiful family always to that which will make you among His righteous friends to be welcome in Heaven. Ameen.

    Wasalaam :)


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