I think so!

Ever since I got back into workaholic kind of sphere , I am NOT appreciating it . I accept I want three days off in a single weekend but I think government won't EVER listen to me . Nor they should , we gotta run the country .
Just because my mind is trembled with loads of Sin/Cos/Tan theta degrees that I studied in Maths class today . I'd be happy to pour out words without any meanings . or they're suppose to be meaningful , you choose.
I think so , my life saver phrase . Whether I am in a big trouble or a confusing situation , I am standing high with "Ummmm, I think so?" High five . My big "I Think So" moments are :

Would pink/blue/green/pink/purple would make good nail art?
Hello , I am Noor and I am NOT a nail art maker . Neither I ever observed the trends to put on my or yours nails . You better ask a pro person . Don't make me realize I don't paint my nails MUCH .
I think so.

Does (a+b)(a-b)= a2b2? 
I really love Maths . Like 1+2 = 3 . That's it . Whatever else in between Maths is not my concern . It really doesn't .
I think so.

Do you blog because you have nothing to do?
WHAAAAT? Am I that useless to be called "nothing else to do so I blog"? I have a social life , well that often crashes . I study 24/7 , remove a few lies tho .  I have an instagram , I tweet , I design blogs , I eat , I sleep . I have a lot to do .
I think so.

If you weren't becoming an accountant , would you still love Maths?
This question hits me . I like Maths , so much . I might be ranting so against it but hola , I love it . I am still in process of choosing myself a career or what . So in between , I rather "I think so" .

Harry Potter is better than twilight .
It doesn't need a "I think so" slap . This is perfect . I cheated , okay ! I think so.

Do you have some "I think so" moments?

Thanks to everyone who participated in blogoversary blog survey . All the compliments and suggestions have given me head ups and new directions . Thank you  for making it the most successful blog post of my blog ever (happy emoji) *as for stats . If you haven't filled it , do it now.

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  1. Math class is always fun:) Loved reading through your list!

  2. Um.. yes. Harry Potter is most definitely better than Twilight. The Twilight books were very good. The movies.. were very bad. The HP books were brilliant and I loved the movies.
    Definitely don't blog because I have nothing better to do! I find myself having to fit in blogging while I have plenty to do. I do it because I love it!! :)
    Oh! Baby up.. gotta run!!!

  3. Love your gifs!!


  4. Girl you keep me laughing especially since I'm a "I think so" girl too. LOL


    Visit my blog to see to see what I'm RAMBLING about in Monday Funday!

    And yes, I am the same with Maths too!

  6. HAHAHAHA. You are so funny! 1+2=3 is the only kind of math I understand hahaha. But really I agree with all of these..."I think is such a great way to get out of anything!

  7. Personally, I hate math. I'm much better with words!

  8. Noor, harry potter is not better than twilight. I think so lol!


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