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Happy Tuesday everyone . Hopping hope you're having a great days because mine is going through sneezing and collecting tissue papers from here and there (aka I have baaadd flu) . So while I wipe it all out , let's grab some friends.
Grab a Friend

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Q: Any invention/creation that you did in your childhood?

Noor : 
I have always been a creative kid . Who was obsessed with cartoons . So once , I was playing in my aunt's house and ended up making chemical X with her cosmetics (If you do remember Power Puff Girls , you will know what I am saying) Her masks , pastes and what-so-eva-eva !

Anna :
I was always being creative and creating something when I was a kid... We'll I'm still kinda like that. But I remember making little objects using blu tack. Whenever I get my hands on a pack it gone the next hour. I would make little people and make them chairs and tables. Or make a scene like a sunset. And I actually save 2 of them which is still on display in my family house. Other than that I was making jewellery and friendship bracelets.

For the life of me - I honestly cannot remember if I did anything creative or inventive during my childhood years... I'm drawing a blank... This is really awkward.. LOL

I always doodled silly cartoons and loads of other things . My drawing was A LOT better than everyone else at a little age . You can even ask Noor . My paintings , journals and doodling is what I have been doing so .

Kate :
I did a lot of writing when I was younger - does that count? Creating short stories, starting/attempting novels, even writing and finishing one when I was 17! (Since that's technically still childhood age, I'm counting that as acceptable.)
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  1. I never really invented anything when I was younger! I did create a long and short program for one of my I've skating competitions! It was pretty neat!

  2. My extent of my creativity was with my Easy Bake Oven. I was always using that thing.

  3. lol @ making chemical x from the power puff girls......I didn't really invent anything besides a lot of short stories and poems. I always loved writing!

  4. Right now I'm doing pre-med, in 2.5 years I will graduate and transfer to a medical school. So my career job in the future is a ER Physician or Family Medicine!


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