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Q: Which celebrity you hate most? And why?

Noor : 
Justin Biebz, he used to be a good guy times ago. But he's now in a totally bad-guy company. HOLA, he's in  team-twerk, did you know that?

Areeba :
Celebrities who do actually nothing but get money and fame, yeah you got it right! I'm talking about Kardashians. Although I watch them and follow their gossips religiously, I still hate the K girls!

Celebrities who act older than they really are... There will come your time eventually, be patient, can't you? Also when they try too hard to get attention, doing all sorts of random stuff to get publicity. Count Miley & Courtney Stodden in!

This is a really tough question...I would have to say I HATE Kanye West and Chris Brown equally. Kanye West infuriates me because he is so egotistical. I can really appreciate some humility and class in a celebrity, I don't want to hear about how awesome you are from your own mouth. Haha. And Chris Brown...who likes a wife beater? They're my least favorites because I feel like they both get a lot of positive publicity/tons of fans and no one seems to care about the negatives. UGH! World's biggest douchebags, I say.

I don't really follow celebrity news much, and I couldn't say I hated any of them because I don't know any of them personally... I do, however, strongly dislike the way a lot of them act. I'm not saying all celebrities are like this, just some. They way they'll do absolutely anything to get what they want, to the point of severely hurting others, is horrific.

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  1. Loved reading the questions!


  2. Just followed you guys on Twitter and Bloglovin etc! This is such a great idea, I love the blogging community!
    Okay so my answer to the question:

    Harry Styles is the celebrity I dislike the most. I'm a Taylor Swift fan so that partly explains it alongside the fact that I don't like guys who are so full of themselves! Modesty is such an admirable trait!

  3. Nathalie blair, your link isn't working

  4. Ooooof YES to Kanye and Chris Brown and Miley and the Biebz. Seriously! SO annoying.

  5. Oh I know it may be bad to say I hate someone's mom but Kris Jenner is just too much over the top for me. Don't get me wrong. The lady knows how to make money but she needs to sit down.


    Visit my blog to see to see my latest post, Kinky.Love.Faith. Pre-Poo!

  6. I don't think there's a celebrity that I hate but there are some that are quite the douche canoe..

  7. Hmmmm....which celeb. do I hate? I don't think I hate him, nut I do not particularly care for justin beiber or miley cyrus :\ What are they doing with their lives????????


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