Cell phones kill bees

I have never ever been a cell phone person . I hate making calls and attending is worse . Probably the main reason is that I rather tablet instead of a phone .
Phone : Listen , you're now obliged me to make calls and read enormous texts . You don't? Ha , kid me not.

Tablet : Don't you wanna be phone chic anymore? Let me hook you up . Throw up that silly card and let's do wi-fi activities . When you're on work mode , we will take SIM inside . Say what?

Except the silliness , I have some serious studies for phones . I once heard that bees have been dying because of phone signals . Eh? what? umm no?
All the researched I have ever done (and googled to be exact) , it simply shows bee hives are affected by phone signals . And thus end up on killing them. I didn't know it , okay I love honey so much . I keep a sandwich in my lunch box , dripping with honey . But bees? oh don't go.
In this age , I don't know if it's possible to have a control on those signals . Lezbehonest , we can't live without communication , of course smart phones are a remedy . Their solution is to separate the areas of bees & signals so that they don't get affected  (come on tech guys , it's a biggy big plan)
So while they try to keep bees and signals apart , I am showing my tablet off . The first or maybe second verified model of my blog.

Well , I am happy that I am a human instead of a bee . So I am not dying while using a phone . 

So hello winter , bye bye summer . It's that kind of face .
This is my favourite cardigan from Forever 21 . I do love them so much , much that I want to have them a forever 16 too . Well wish , ah!

So what do you think of phones? I might have the latest research or ask google.

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  1. Cool tablet! Love your outfit--especially that cool necklace:)

  2. Wow... this is my first time that i am hearing that bees dye by the phone signals...
    Well i also don't like to make calls , i only use it while texting(via whatsapp) and to post pics on instagram. Nice post ! I like ur cardigan :))

    xoxo ♥

  3. Never heard of the bees dying from signal thing before. I need to research that. What kind of tablet is that?

  4. haha well thankfully Huffington Post seems to disagree: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/05/19/cell-phones-kill-bees-study_n_863019.html

    Apparently, there was some form of misunderstanding and confused based on the study but it was never actually indicated that cell phone signal kills bees. Haha funny how a few words can be taken out of proportion!! So you CAN talk on the phone but if you're like me, you just prefer not to. :) Text is better. Have a great one! -Iva

  5. I don't have a cell phone. I don't really want one, but I do want a tablet. =0)

  6. I love texting and phone calls! A lot of my friends hate talking on the phone and I can never understand why because it just gets the message across faster. So I do more texting than calling with my friends. I have a tablet too but I can never use it to message friends - I have to have all messages in one device, and one device only :S

  7. Killing bees one phone call at a time! I love my tablet but then I got an iPhone so I'm really into my phone! Oh well.. sorry bees....

  8. Congratulations :)
    You have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! Grab your award here :)

  9. Hi Noor! I found your blog through Grab a Friend Blog Hop :)) I don't use phone that much too. I prefer using my tablet :D


  10. never heard of phones killing bees? that is so crazy! I love using my iphone but a tablet is much easier.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  11. I hate talking on the phone, even to my best friend!
    Your cardigan is cute!

  12. Talking on phone is seriously annoying. Hello, fine, thanks & bye!

  13. You look super cute Noor!! LOVE your necklace, I want one!

  14. I know its sad to say but I can't live without my phone. My phone rings a ton of times of day and its an iphone so I have it all in one. However I do want a Nook. They are so cute.


  15. Me and my iphone are a couple, we can't live without each other! :)


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