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I was complaining myself for not being too creative for coming blog posts. Writing blocks apart , I am talking about general posts. There is always A LOT going on around that's not only hard to cover plus half of it, is super plain boring . Hear me , can you?
Then I came through an old diary of me where I had written many things . Things I like , things I HATE (caps because it matters , ha ) and it felt like I was flooded with ideas. Us bloggers are quite easy with creativity , just need a few hurdles to jump and ta-da , you're there.
Then my blogging friend Catherine , nominated me for Sunshine award . Her clever questions made it all easy for new post . Didn't I say that us bloggers are easy?

1. Do you ever see yourself stopping blogging? What reasons would lead you to that decision?
It can happen . For sure. I have a life out of blog and there are loads of responsibility too . I am a student , studying in senior year and my major is going to be Maths & accounting . Plus my social life is crazily busy too . Blogging was started as a passion and turned into a daily hobby . I loved loved loved to do it but if I ever get out of balance with these two things (real life vs blogging) I might be on the way out .

2. What was your first car??
Oh god, why did you ask that? I am near tears . I haven't got my own car so far . Have you got any suggestion for a girly car that I might get?

3. What show on Netflix do I need to get into next ?
Totally for Catherine . I will go up & up for New Girl . The finest comedy you could find on Netflix . I am bad at catching up seasons but as long as I have access to my tablet & Wi-Fi , it doesn't matter much . Count me in with those people who tick off calenders with their tv shows.

4. What relationship has influenced your life the most?
The relation of mother and daughter . I had always read this thing in books only (with silly rhyming words , if I am not wrong) but in past few years , I saw it closely . My mom is my idol . Every tough decision I had to make , she stood with me . She's one of the best person in my life and I can always rely on her . Always (in a Harry Potter tone)

5. What is the one blog post you have in your mind that you are too afraid to actually write?
Things about my philosophies and fails . All the personal posts are the actual drafts in my post sections . I am never sure if publishing them would be a great idea . The dilemma of do's and dont's // Publish or don't publish is definite . I have never asked for a reader opinion before so hey , would you be interested in reading those? I am surely a bad speaker when it comes to asking for something .

6. What is your favorite recipe? Include it if you can!
My favourite recipe? I don't know much recipes . I don't cook at all (which often leads me to shame because I am a foodie) . The only thing I practice is a tea recipe which goes :
Tea leaves // sugar // water // cardamom // milk
Brew them all except sugar for at least 3 minutes . It will turn light brownish . Pour it in cup and add sugar as you'd like . Voila , it's done . A student's remedy it is.
It looks delish !

7. What is your dream vacation?
A week in London or Turkey . I am a history junkie at times so those places make a great combo of modern & old history . Plus I have always wanted to see London's snowfall .

8. Discuss your feeling on selfies.
Disclaimer : Without pouty faces and duckies .
I can beat my boredom with them . Just one click and a mini portrait is up . I don't think you always need a perfect face for a selfie . Even horrible clicks work well , errr for a snapchat breakdown.

9. What is your biggest blogging pet peeve?
Captcha . I really feel annoyed when I get to go through them . Okay , but I do understand spams people might be getting so I can't totally blame them . But I HATE THEM.

10. What is your best advice for new bloggers?
Interact & be social . Your blog can't be discovered magically . Move around , comment on others blog . Use your Twitter to talk to other bloggers . It's ultimate tip to move in blogosphere . Or you can read my favourite blogging advice post .

11. How often do you check your email?
Can we talk in nanoseconds? Because I have a relation with my email box like that . I have a ring tone set on the email arrival so if you see me running wildly through corridors , you may know I have got an email.

Thanks Catherine for involving moi . Who could be that honoured to be re-nominated for a sunshine award? I am waving hurrah .
If you had better answers , so get involved and answer those TOO ! Let's see how #BloggersAreEasy !!

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  1. I love New Girl, too! Loved reading your thoughts on blogging:)

  2. That's my biggest blogging pet peeve too! I can't ever read those tiny letters anyway haha


  3. I hate captcha as well. It sometimes stops me commenting, ESPECIALLY if I get it wrong the first time lol and don't feel bad, I don't have a car either....not even my licence (I should be embarrassed shouldn't I? lol

    Neisha :)

  4. New Girl! It's so funny Noor. I find myself laughing out loud and even slapping my knee at some of the stuff that comes out of that show! So funny!!
    Bad selfies are actually the best kind of selfie in my opinion! I think more of a person that posts a BAD picture of themselves rather than a GOOD one. !!

  5. I'm the same with my emails, every time I hear the ding I have to check it haha!!!
    New Girl is a must watch, have you seen The Mindy Project? I ADORE HER!!

  6. Real Life + Blog Life combined is never too easy that's for sure. But you know, we blog because we can handle it. Don't ever stop blogging Noor! Ever!

    Captchas annoy me too and I check my email every 5 minutes or so or less than that when Im expecting something. :)

  7. Oh gosh, thanks a lot for this tea recipe, I might need it in future!

  8. What a great interview questionnaire! And I love New Girl! Too funny :)
    xo TJ


  9. Bahaha I HATE Captcha too, PLEASE just leave me alone you stupid program. And I am also dying to visit Turkey...lets go together!

  10. Also you totally got me addicted to Twitter...


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