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The first time I started a blog , I didn't know where it would go . No aim , no idea , nothing at all . I had a gmail account & a basic blog name ( that still rocks, almost) .
Things kept going . It was all started as a daily diary routine and I learned there was MUCH to do expect of slapping words like " Hi , today was so tiring. Thank you & bye" .
I realized I always wanted to do it , I wanted to write . Except of being keen for accounting , writing has always been my keenest keen desire.
But what to write? There are literally million of blog out there that might have much interesting stuff that I could ever do . But it surely doesn't put a stop on me . It really shouldn't .
Then I read some other blogs , met some new people , learned much more things . It's not really like that you came , you saw and conquered . NO!
It's like you came , you saw , you learned , you realized and things went on .
Since it's been a little while since I jumped into this pond of blogging , I learned a few things and I wanted to share it with you :
1- Once you start a blog , you never seem to give up . But it's not a job , it's a hobby . So don't lose yourself over it .

2- Put your words out there . No one will EVER know that your blog exists unless you put it out . Indulge in sponsoring other blogs , do guest posts , join a link up . It will all worth at a point .

3- INTERACT . D'ya know why it's all in caps? Because it matters . If you never reply a comment left on your blog or doesn't comment others .

4- Get a clean look . I mean a basic blog design does well too but it should be non-cluttered . Unless you can have a blog designer but honestly , you don't need to blow $$$ on a simple design.

5-Connect . You never know that some blogger has the same taste/style/tacts as you? You can be friend with them but HOW? Emailing needs a alot more courage and points . So move on to Twitter . There you can literally connect with bloggers like you do in a party (though Twitter doesn't provide coke or tea all the way) I am always up on Twitter . That's the way to socialize . At least in my views.

6- Stay original . Blogging is ALL about being original . You can copy stuff and put it on your blog but the charm and uniqueness can't be equal . A blogger is identified with it's content .

7- Keep calm and carry on . It's my favourite phrase to repeat . Your blog isn't established in weeks . It takes time and a lot of hard work . So keep doing what's good and ditch the concerns away (which is really , really hard though)
Phew! That's it . 
If you've noticed , title is "Blog Talk" which marks the start of a blogging series from moi . Yes yes yes , I always wanted to do it . Blogging about blogging . Woot ! It will be up when I'd have some inspiration or good advice to share . Also , you can share a topic with me that you want to see #yesohyes

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  1. Great tips, Noor, thank you. Whatever you've been doing, you've obviously been doing it right!

    I try to do most of the above though I've not yet done a guest post. Have you? How did you go about doing that? It seems like such a good way of introducing yourself to new people.

    I'm trying to use my Twitter account a lot more now and to get involved in blogger chats which I find really interesting.

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  2. ah I like this a lot Noor! agreed on all points. it's sometimes really overwhelming all of the "stuff" you need for a "successful" blog, so I especially like number 1 to remember that it's (for most people) just a hobby! so don't stress. :)

  3. Thanks for these fab tips Noor - I love the get out there and interact pointer - I found it so hard when I first set up my blog but I love how getting to know other bloggers is opening up new things for me. I've even met up with some twitter and blogging friends offline and it's been fab.

  4. Totally agree with you on all points. I love blogging, and now that I'm in the process of growing it, I love it even more!

    Much love,
    Lydia x

  5. Such great tips, they are so true. You do learn so much as you go along just by trial and error!


  6. Amen to all of these Noor, I couldn't agree more!

  7. These tips were PERFECT! I'm going to frame the tips and live by them!!


  8. I definitely agree with you on the need for originality! Being original is definitely what can help draw readers into your blog, I think.

  9. Noor, love this post! Would love to do guest posts with you someday.

    XOXO Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

  10. All great blogging advice. You and your sister have helped me with my blogging. I remember being told that I was a No-Reply Blogger and I also was told to get back into my Twitter account and to link my blog posts to it. You girls are keeping me current and young! So, thank YOU for that. You just inspired me to sponsor again. :)

  11. These are great points, all things that every blogger needs to know and that i have learned along the way! Thanks for sharing, Noor!

    Caitlyn | enigmaticambiance.blogspot.com

  12. Wonderful blogging tips and advice Noor! You are right about interacting and it is true that we have to keep calm and carry on! It's now becoming my motto too ha! :) My very first blog started out as a public diary, but then I discovered that theres more to it than, like what you said, slapping 'Hi , today was so tiring. Thank you & bye'. So here I am now, slowly knowing how to properly blog and just being cool. :D

  13. Great advices on blogging! Every blogger should know this! Have a great day! :)

  14. Such great tips! When I first started my blog, I was so discouraged that I didn't have any followers. I guess I thought people would magically stumble across my blog, but of course I needed to interact for this to happen!


  15. Great list, and interaction is definitely the most important!
    xo TJ


  16. This is a great post Noor! Very helpful and also encouraging!!

  17. Great tips and so true! Love your insights:)

  18. Thank You SO much for these wise words - I am so happy to read this! :)
    Very informative and helpful.


  19. Some really lovely advice!
    Exactly what I needed to read, thank you very much.



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