6 things I secretly wish for

Generally , I am a good citizen/human being/neighbour . I don't litter the road , I don't play loud music and don't mock the cops . I don't puncture the tyres (the real reason is I don't know how to) . My neighbourhood is quite peaceful , nothing like you see in Brady Bunch show . But secretly , I really want it to be . There are so many wishes I keep secret but as it's Saturday and I have my blog . I need to share them .

1- Lifetime membership to Mc'Donalds
I love food , unintentionally . Mc'Donalds is my favourite place to hangout and brainstorm for blogging , for real . Imagine a big mac in my right hand and tablet in left hand , it's slightly difficult but I cope . If they issue me a lifetime + golden member card , I will be flying and puking rainbow !

2- A horse
I love horses SO much . I have only ridden them few times in my life but I want one . I can fit them somewhere in our front yard and would go to school riding them . How about this trend? Government would save petrol and I can wear cowboy boots to school without any excuse. If only unicorns exist , I could replace my wish for horse to unicorn , keeping it fair.
Keep running , I will pretend I never saw you , beauti!

3- Alarm clock with arms
Do you get it? I don't wake up at alarm .
Actually , I wake up , stop the alarm and slam back to bed . I need a clock that have arms so it could shake me until I wake up . By waking up , I mean I could be able to get out of bed to my way to bathroom .

4- This closet
5- A Sports car
If you ask me about my dream car . I will shyly tell you about some sleek and glamorous cars . But in my mind , I have always wanted a wild beast type of car , perhaps a Ferrari or Lamborghini? Can't decide . Who said you can't have both of them? Your bank? Okay we should hear it and keep it a secret in between.

6- Hair like Repunzal 

I don't intend to be locked up in a tower just because of my long hair . The thing is that I love to style my hair . The long , the better . I am a braid junkie so I could make endless braid with those longest long hair . I can feel the trouble too , wouldn't it be hard to shampoo + conditioner + blow dry much longer hair? But to have something , you gotta lose something .
Hi , from my curls!

This post is most of a mythical wishes but I do have some exotic taste . Actually , very very exotic . I hope I can find a wishing well that accepts some of those wishes . I swear I could use a big pot of coins for it . Only in case .

Do you have some weird secret wishes?
Today I am happy to introduce Kayla from La Belle Barrel Theif blog .
She blogs about wine , adventures in California and tasting dozens upon dozens of wines .  Her blog is full of wine stories , her dream job is something similar as Samantha Brown to cover all wineries of the world. How cool is that? I would totally want to travel the world for hotels . You can read her adventure of Tanner Vineyards , something about pink wine  and follow her on bloglovin.

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  1. Ok, pleeeeeeeeeeease can I have that closet!

  2. Great list! My little cousin is obsessed with Repunzal! Last time I saw her she kept telling me I was amazing because I have Repunzal hair (it's not really though!)!


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  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog layout! It's adorable! I also wish that I could have a closet like that...


  5. I don't like mac donalds, to much fat! :p

  6. I'd love to raid your closet if it looks like this one!

  7. Can I move in if you get this closet??? I would do anything for that closet!!


    Check out my latest post, Sweet Saturday: Caramel Pie!

  8. I'd love repunzels hair as well! My gosh I'd love those locks!
    And dat closet...<3

  9. the things you wish for are really nice.....I want a closet like that also

    Shalay| itsjustshalay.blogspot.com

  10. I want hair like Rapunzel's too! AHHH. Maybe if I sing while I brush my hair it'll grow. "Flower gleam and glow..."

  11. OMG! If I got a lifetime membership to McDonalds in a minute they would be out of stock! Hehe!

    Madeline - Wonderland In A Wardrobe

  12. I secretly wish that I could go on a date with Joseph Gordon-Levitt :P

  13. I think your hair is already gorgeous!

  14. I want that closet too and I wouldn't say no to a horse or a unicorn, but I don't want to have to muck out after it! As for the alarm clock, Google something called "Clocky". It will do the trick for you. If you don't shut it off quickly, it jumps off your dresser and runs around the room buzzing like mad and you have to catch it. It's also AWESOME for April Fool's pranks. My kids set it for 4 in the morning and left it under my bed.

  15. Yes! I want hair like Rapunzel too!

  16. Omigosh! The closet! My future closet!!

    Anna Czarina

  17. wow... that is some list! love the closet ...

  18. I want a horse too hehe :D and my own library xD
    haven't visited in a while, doing well? :)

    lots of lovin'

  19. These are beautiful things to wish for! :)

  20. Wow. That closet IS amazing! =0)
    And for the sports car, the Ferrari has always had my vote.

  21. Oh wow I really need that closet! And a lifetime membership at mcdonalds would make my life- I'm constantly talking to my friends about how much I could do with a mcdonalds! x

  22. Oh, Noori I think we all want that closet! And your curls are beautiful :)

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  23. Oh my gosh, that closet is awesome! I love it!

  24. I would kill for that closet...seriously! Okay, maybe not seriously, but I love love love that amount of organization. It speaks to my inner OCD nut :)

  25. that closet is super awesome! and I wish my hair were longer and easier to style too :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  26. Oh man.. You should see our closet Noor! I love being married and all that. BUT you have to SHARE everything.. including in our case, the closet and the dresser. Which means, I have half the space I'd really like. I'm not bad when it comes to clothes. Rob probably has more than I do. But, it would be soooo nice to have my own space when it came to clothes, shoes.. Actually, I just want a bigger house!! I can't wait for that to happen!
    I think we ALL could use an alarm clock with arms..! Good one! :)

  27. Funny wishes yet all make sense to me ! specially Mcdonalds !! wow

    I Have a new OOTD (( STRIPS MADNESS FOR FALL ) , must see


    P.S. Follow me on insta & i will instantly follow back @nanyslife

  28. Omg a clock with arms, that is so hilarious! I totally agree though...I need an alarm that will actually boss me around and kick me out of bed. Haha.


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