5 things I know (but actually don't)

I am a real down-to-earth person . If I don't know something , I won't tell you that I know . Literally , 90% of cases I have ever been through , I am being honest with the phrase " I don't know" . So with the rest of 10% cases , I don't say that .
I really don't .
The big list of them is below , let's be clear .

1- Martial Arts
Firstly , I thought that word of "Marshall Arts" . Instead of the real spelling . Second , I got into this thing I was a 6th grader . A kid with a good fighting traits ,who would say no? I couldn't . So I went straight in it . Boi , it was hard . Learning kicks , doing work outs , punching bags . Well I stayed in that sphere for at least two years . The funny thing is that I am still not good . But since I put my 2 precious years in it , so I would tell you I am a master black belt (or near) . The first thing I know but actually don't.

2- Driving
I am already sixteen . I don't have a license nor a personal car . Who am I kidding? Mirror? yes. I peaked at driving time by time . Not professional , but slightly professional girl . I know there is a gear , a brake and some pedals at the bottom . No one would give me an opportunity to drive but okay , I know how to do it. Driving is really easy , unless you're actually driving.

3- Baking
I can bake . It's a true/false . I couldn't decide ! I baked a cake weeks ago and it turned out pretty well terrifying . There must be a problem with the recipe , unless I am an awesome baker . It's my secret dream to bake a wedding cake someday , but with this pace . I am nowhere near.
That's a tweet proof.

4- Baby Sitting
I love kids . They're so adorable , don't they? Playing with them all day long can be my dream
Kids are great , I mean they really are . But I can't baby sit them . I can reassure anyone that I handle kids very well . But if you read the post title carefully , you might know what I mean.
He's my cousin (aka Dodo) . His expressions are probably for me.
5-  Tricking
I can't trick someone into a big dark hole. Just saying but if I am under a mission and mom got me , I would straightly tell her what's up . I can't hide anything if I am caught red handed . Though I am fakely proud of myself for being a good tricker and running away (it might have happened one or two times)

The pot of honesty was open and I puked . Is there anything you know but actually don't? 
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  1. I asked my Dad to teach me how to drive. We did it a couple of times and I hardly remember what I'm supposed to do each time!

  2. Lovely blog...Can we follow each other dear?

  3. This is funny! I stole my Grandma's car when I was 14 and has been driving every since. I now hate driving and always jumps in the passenger side when I'm going somewhere with someone! lol


  4. Hahah what the heck happened to your cake?! Did you bake it from scratch or a box? I am a terrible baker...

  5. Can you drive someday? or is it not allowed in Pakistan? (sorry if this is a stupid question, but some countries don't allow it to woman) I'm just wondering.

  6. I'm currently taking a Muy Thai class and its SO MUCH FUN to punch stuff hehehehe :) Driving is the greatest liberation for me - it helps me relax when its a long trip; especially with the right music (electro anyone?). I love to (attempt to) bake too, will be attempting a pie for Thanksgiving since my older sister and mother do the heavy cooking. I honestly just want to prove to them I CAN cook, thanks (thankfully, my bf can verify =]). Happy Friday Noor!! -Iva

  7. I do love driving. Although it is prohibited to drive publicly here in KSA, I break the rules. Whenever we pass by a desert to reach a beach, dad's letting me do the drive and make them get nervous with my driving. If we skip going to beach in a week, I boost my driving eagerness on car games. Covered Anatomy

  8. I suck at baking because I'm the kind of person that likes to eyeball all of my measurements. Or I'll see what I need and think.. well I have everything but three eggs.. I have two. That should be fine. With cooking, it usually is. But with baking- ummm no.
    Driving is all about the confidence. I was 18 when I got my license.. It's not a good idea to get it until you are ready. BUT it's good to push yourself to be confident and to ask if you can drive more often than not.
    Dodo- lookin' cute kiddo. I was wondering how he's been....!

  9. hahaa! this post was really nice to read


  10. I am a much better cook then baker! I'm not good at following a recepie! I would love if you would come linkup with me today!

  11. Omg I love this. I am TOTALLY with you on baking! I definitely can but can't hahaha. Such a good way to put it.

  12. I better know how to drive, since I've had my license for 5 years...but I still don't like driving!

  13. Can't wait to see your results. Will you publish them?

  14. Can't wait to see your results. Will you publish them?


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