Tiddy-Biddy of weekend

Octobie is going so fast that when my calender told me it was 7 already , I had to re-check if somebody was mistaken . I wasn't though .
My week went in a rush mode . Everything was in Physics lingo and that was the sign of terribleness . If some-subject you hate to read are up , it's definitely not a good time to read .

My weekend vibes are shortest , because all I did was travel , eat , sleep , blog , study and vice versa .

// I digged up this book from my cup board . It's a tiny ones but contains quotes of famous people on their birthdays . Some of the quotes from Shakespeare and Einstein reminded me of time I was in grade six . Long time , short tale . I am a quote digger . If you haven't read it....then what're you waiting for? Read it . If you can't , tell me and I'll send you some quotes over . Be famous .

// And the award of best grand daughter goes to....ME . This bed spread is my choice for Grands room . They're old , sophisticated and calm . This design was quite serious and tucked me to get it . I had to then .

// I had to wait L-O-N-G in mall on Wednesday so it was the best idea/place/whateva to take a selfie (then put it on blog to show-off later) . Inserting a rant , malls NEVER seem to have a good customer service . Going through those security paths give me anxiety , what am I bringing? A hand grenade ?

// In case you don't know , it's fall , finally . These withered purple flowers always give me so spring feelings but while I was leaving in morning , I saw them turning dead . It's not a good sight at all but decling the fact that everything has to go after sometimes , can't be right . So a tributy good bye to those purple martyrs , I may wait for new flowers to come . After all , after every fall, it's spring.

// New blog design I did for Grace over Belle Mode . I was happy dappy with it because :
1) It involved sparkles.
2) So pink .
3) We're girls .

That're the tid-bits of my weekend . How did yours go? (exclude if it involved any Physics and text me to cry for us both)
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  1. Malls! Bah! You know my feeling about malls. I think that I would have been right beside you taking selfies to pass the time as well! I like good quotes, but they're like good jokes, I can NEVER for the life of me remember any..

  2. That blog design is cute!


  3. Nice choice on the stripes. =0)
    Fall is a great season, but it's always sad to see the pretty flowers go...
    Great job on the blog design. Sparkles are a girl's friend for sure!

  4. sounds like you had a busy weekend! love the blog design!

  5. You forgot to mention the AMAZING chats we had. haha

  6. I like the stripes on the bedspread and I'm a quote fiend too! They're so interesting!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  7. Loving the new design you have done for Belle Mode. This time my weekend was all about relax relax relax. I ended up staying in & watching a couple of movies with my husband. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead :)

  8. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can check it out on my last post if you like :)


  9. I have never heard of the book but I kinda want it! That's super cool


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