Then I'll put on makeup!

I've never been good with make up stuff . That's because I don't really care about looks. Just saying , I do.
But when it comes to use make up properly , I am all out .
I would always be found with same face . Having black eyes from black pencils , a bit of mascara , lip gloss and it's done .
Managing an everyday look is more than HARDER . I used to have same lip gloss shade for years . Okay perhaps managing same shade in secondary classes isn't a big deal . Kids don't judge each other #OhSchoolDays
These days , my make up is on basics . Hoping one day , I'll be a make up expert doing all kind of pinterest-y tutorials and arts but right now, I can only share some goodies .
Choosing a perfect black pencil : Just because I am a Maybelline junkie , you can hardly find any other brand in my beauty box . So I chose the dark pencil to go on with . My eyes are in almond shapes and bigger enough to scratch #RAWR so using greyish was never my idea . 

Lip Shade : It depends on how the shape , colour and shade your lips have . If you have a light shaded lips , soft colours like baby pink or purplish would win it over . A little darker shades would be suitable with red , bright colours . I have a light shade so I usually go for shimmer shades . They're sparkly , fun and cool .

Mascara : How on earth I could live without it? I love mascara than anything that exists in make up world . I have a thin layered lashes so I fake it . Fake....it...oh...no.
But the quality of mascara depends on the brush of mascara tube . The thicker that better , depends on your requirement . Not need to mention , but I messed up my whole look with thicker mascara brush when it need a single coat . Lesson learnt and advice given . We're on the top of the world . 

Said enufff about make up . I'll go to put on some make up because I believe in natural beauty at first place then comes the make up . Meanwhile , it's me without any polishing #TeamDare
What are some of your favourite make up goodies?
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  1. I'm not the biggest makeup girl either, but I really like colored eyeliner--I usually use bright blue. Black looks too drastic because my skin is already pale!

  2. Oh god. I am worse than you when it comes to makeup. I don't put even eyeliner nor gloss or mascara. I am just clueless about it. I really wanna be able to at least do an everyday natural kinda look. But all these makeup stuff goes whoooosh over my head. Anyways, am trying to get into it. Coz I really do like to know enough to do my own makeup :) Thank you for sharing the tips on the eyeliner, lip shade and mascara

  3. I used to love trying different make-up, but these days I just stick to the basics too. I don't want to spend a lot of time on it and I don't want to have on too much. But I still have a lot of make-up from my experimentation years :)

  4. Ah, I feel you on the black eyeliner, it's so tough to find the perfect one! I've found a pretty good one as of now, I think it's Maybelline too actually! I recently got into wearing a light brown eyeshadow with it too which helps create a day-time smokey eye effect :)

    Kate | Diaries of a Essex Girl

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  6. I go for light shimmer lip shades too! I'm just not a bold lip person.


  7. I never experiment with new makeup- it's just so easy to do the same old stuff. Mascara is my go-to. You just can't go wrong with it. Great post :)

  8. I will only wear Maybelline mascara. I will shop for all of my other make up basics at The Body Shop. I wear, blush, eye shadow, under the eye colour (my eyes are so dark.. always have been.) aaand a light lipstick if I'm going anywhere...if I remember.
    I'm not big on wearing a lot of make up but I do like to have it on when I leave the house.. that and have my hair in some kind of order.. and I never wear sweatpants or pj pants out of the house. PERSONALLY and not judging anyone else that does it.. I think it looks sloppy and always like to look presentable. !!
    You look pretty all natural Noor.

  9. Ah I love your makeup choices! I love Maybelline and Benefit for my mascara and eyeliner. I think makeup on your eyes is the most important part of the routine! Anyway, feel free to stop by my blog and enter my $50 Nordstrom gift card giveaway!

    Xo, Amanda


  10. I cannot leave the house without eyeliner on! Otherwise I feel like I'm not dressed, haha!

    The Tiny Heart


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