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Motivation has broken up with me these days . Yes , I am not happy about it so I'm linking up with Taylor to speed it up , just a bit.
Someday I'll learn how not to repeat an outfit twice & twice or maybe thrice . It's never been like my wardrobe is anyhow smaller but once I am loving a cloth piece , I would prefer wearing it EVERYDAY . Big hard deal , but I am picky on clothes . They're just too comfy once . Until.I.Ditch !

Someday I'll stop playing candy crush saga . And delete all the requests appearing on my dashboard so I can't be tempted more . And more .

Someday I'll drive at 150 + speed at a beach where the traffic would be seagulls and starfish . Hair flying with wind and I'll remember a compliment that I look like Angelina Jolie ( which might not be truth )

Someday I'll stop eating melted chocolates and wait for them to solid down !

Someday I'll start liking un-ironed clothes . Right now , it's on my "Things I shouldn't hate" list but I really want to squeeze into a wrinkled shirt and head up the view in mirror { In mean time : Ewwww , I gotta put it off }

Someday I'll wear Justin Bieber's perfume without disliking it . Okay , it's true that in the very depth of my abandon cup board , I have a deluxe edition of "My World " by Justin Bieber . But everybody grows up , he has good music . And I have different choices . That's it!

Someday I'll jump from a 10m plank to a pool . I have two reasons to say it :
1) I am baaaaddd at swimming
2) I hate heights

Someday I'll publish a post without taking 10 minutes to stare the white plain ol screen. Writers block united.

Someday I'll start typing faster as a honey bee sting . So that I can send 2k emails just in 2 minutes . Or else , everybody will see me drawn on laptop for at least 3 hours .

Someday I'll be jogging regularly in a peaceful park with peaceful people around . Well , that already sounds a lame excuse to morning jogging .

Someday I'll learn how to sharp my pencil like this :
So that I can never ever be bored in class !

The Daily Tay

What are your " Someday I will.." goals?

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  1. Hi Noor, I'm the same way when it comes to wearing my favorite clothing piece...lol I don't know if I'll stop playing candy crush though, that game is addictive! Awesome thoughts, I inspire to sharpen my pencil like the tree, and without having the lead of the pencil constantly popping out every time I sharpen...I hate that!

    xoxo, Jess

  2. Ohhh I am brutal when it comes to ironing. Rob irons. I do not. He also sews and I do not. Haha.. I'm not very good at being a girl.
    Is Halloween a North American holiday Noor? Or do you dress up too!? (My ignorance at it's finest.. sorry Boot!)

  3. I have a list like that too :)


  4. So addicted to candy crush. it's one of my guiltiest pleasures! Love your blog design too, btw!

  5. Don't ever stop playing Candy Crush.

  6. I can't swim and I'm afraid of heights too! That would definitely NOT be on my "someday I will" list because someday I will not! Haha. And I wish my wardrobe was big enough to not have to wear the same outfit! I'm so bad at putting clothes together. Maybe I need to start following more fashion blogs. Hmm.

  7. Writers block united hear hear!!! <3

    I LOVED this post!! Very lovely - probably my favorite one you've ever written xxx

    Have an awesome weekend xx


  8. Love this list!
    I've jumped from a 10m platform before during swim training and let me tell you...it was scary. Because the drop is quite high, you actually feel yourself falling before getting in contact with the water!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  9. I absolutely love this I'll maybe do one over on my blog next week and give you the credits!

    Natalie xx

  10. nothing wrong with eating chocolate that has melted! and i've been told i look like angelina jolie too, haha.. x

  11. This is absolutely awesome! We love your style of writing! :)

    Davie and Erica

    Check Out Our Blog!

  12. haha, that pencil is so neat! i would love to be able to do that as well!

    lindsey louise


  13. I would be nervous about jumping off of a high diving board too!

  14. Bah! I have a pep talk with myself about the Candy Crush delete every day!!! Can't. Break. Away!!!


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