How to kill time

Firstly , Eid mubarak everyone . I'm enjoying my vacations till next weekend , woah . Be jealous! Okay just don't , we all aren't lucky all the time ( talking in a work-mode) . I spent my all day sleeping , meeting folks and now surfing on web . Meanwhile , I came up with my own "How to kill time" guide . C'mon , lazy and hyped souls do nothing but .... choses folles ( French for crazy things . I just bragged ) !!!

So ta-da , after the success of How to kill a mocking bird of Harper Lee , Noor is presenting how to kill time :

Kill it with music :
Seriously , music is the best killer . I spend hours travelling here and there with ear buds pounding out loud . Sometimes it's Party in the USA or sometimes it's She Will Be Loved . Yes , I haven't stopped listening to Maroon 5 even when Adam Levine is abducted by  Nina Agdal or Behati Prinsloo . Lord knows !
Well as a pre-caution , your ear won't bear a song thrice , even the favourite-est-est tune so over load your gadget with music . Just warned ya , kill the time !

Kill it with day dreaming :
Ask me , I am an expert . Have you got a wishlist containing $400 stuff? Far long goal , man ! Let's do it together , close your eyes . Choose a way to break the bank (either yours or dad's , who cares) and navigate through the malls , streets and again malls . Feelin' better?
A legit day dream : I totally got starred with Channing Tatum in his upcoming hit , ahh I just made it ! The end .

Sleep & kill :
Go and sleep . Wake after 5 hours . KBYETHANKZ !

Kill it with food :
If you're in busy house , like I am right now . You might need to find a way to kitchen . And eat anything you find there !
Example : I smelt something yumballz from kitchen . Did a robotic move and forced myself towards kitchen . It was a BBQ left over , I proudly picked it , microwaved it and gulped.  World has never been so good before . Put your BBQ left over around , I am sure some bored people will find it and you'll be immortal for the rest of this century.

Kill it with blogging :
That I just did .

*Disclaimer : This guide was totally written for those who were/are bored . Use it well , may odds be in your favour .

So......how do you kill time?

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  1. Hi Noor! Love this idea! Listening to music and browsing blogs is definitely my favorite way to kill time:) Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'm glad you did, because that means I was able to find yours and it's awesome! Can't wait to follow along:)

  2. Kill it with day dreaming?. WELCOME TO MY LIFE. are you sure your not spying on me? ;)

  3. this is the best post ever. hahahha

  4. Haha, I love this!
    I always kill time with blogging!

    Kate | Diaries of a Essex Girl

  5. I definitely kill time with blogging, eating and listening to music.. possibly all three at the same time. I like this word; yumballz... I'm going to have to borrow it sometime;)

  6. WOW I kill time with all of these! Food is probably the worst! Music is my favourite way!
    I also love laying in the sun and trying on clothes from my closet that I never wear!

  7. Great guide :) I'm a music lover and love killing time by listening to spotify!

  8. Haha blogging is the best way to kill time because it also counts as being productive! Winning! Love this list!


  9. I also kill time listening to music. Other times I am just surfing stuff on Pinterest. One of my favorite ways to kill time :)

  10. I kill time by looking at crap online.... and when I say crap... I mean crap. Like the most pointless stuff ever. Not NEWS or anything important... but Instagram photos, youtube videos of cats stealing dogs' beds, and recipes on Pinterest. =0)

  11. All I have to do to kill time is pretend like I'm actually going to get work done online...and then it's three hours later and I'm approximately 5,000 steps away from my original task. Time flies when I'm online, mindlessly. Haha. Also, time flies when trying to take a nap between classes. Sigh.


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