Grab a friend blog hop #25

Heya from a sunny morning , it's Tuesday already but I am enjoy a free weekend as it's a vacation mode . Woop woop! It's my favourite time as I'll be hopping with ya'll with Grab a friend . So come & join in the hop!
Grab a Friend

Welcome to the weekly blog hop , Grab A Friend 
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Julia from Puella Aeterna
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Q: What's the worst movie you've ever seen? Give an expert review.

Julia :
Recently, I tried to watch Tron, the 1982 version. The concept of the movie seems interesting: there's an unbeknownst world within a video game, where programs appear as human users. But perhaps I was a little late getting to the party, I couldn't appreciate this version because it is outdated. I couldn't buy into a human hacking their self into a game, hah. I tried to watch it on two separate occasions but failed to get through the entire movie.

Noor : 
I was so excited to watch A Cabin In Woods (what a name , right?) I bought DVD and almost made my house half spooky but just after half hour , I knew it was crap . Whoop . It was nothing near spooky but creepy , some youngsters were doing a picnic and thus they were trapped in some kind of Scie-Fy experiment . Ahh , silly imaginations with BIG name . You better nail it!

Jenny :
Hmm, all I can honestly say to answer this is: Every movie on SyFy *nods*

Areeba :
Ghost ship (2002), I was pretty excited to see it but when I saw it, I was like "what's happening around." In the middle of movie, I was staring without any expression. That was super boring!!

Your turn to answer!

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  1. Great post!!! I love your blog!! <3


  2. Can't wait to meet some new people! Thanks for the link up. :]

    Caitlyn | engimaticambiance.blogspot.com

  3. We love this hop :) Looking forward to finding some new blogs :)

  4. I was just talking about Cabin in the Woods at work today and how awful it was!

  5. Thanks for hosting ladies, I joined the Twitter party!


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