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Q: Do you have a musical memory? What is it?

Kirstie :
I do! it's sort of embarrassing. I was in my highschool's madrigals {which is like the advanced choir} The show had ended but the lights were still dimmed. I wasn't watching and knocked into, fell over and broke our school's piano bench. I stood up fixed the bench and walked out totally embarrassed. 

Noor : 
I once sang a traditional song in my uncle's wedding and everybody was surprised that I sing too well! This was .... kind of .... A SURPRISE!

Areeba :
So this one isn't my fav-o type at all. I was singing (alone) in the backyard of my house, thinking there's no one to listen moi voice. Instead of singing, I started giving performance like peeps do in X Factor. When I turned back, my aunt & my mum were standing on my back and they both were laughing hard without even making a noise #yesIcantsing

Tiffany :
I did a musical when I was younger it was Annie! I also did Grease and that was my favourite musical EVER!

Your turn to answer!

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  1. I wish I had your musical memory, Noor! I would desperately love to be able to sing well. I don't, but it didn't stop me from singing karaoke at a bar once, to just a man playing guitar and no lyrics to help me out! Luckily most people were already drunk so they cheered even when I messed up and forgot the words! :)

  2. Any musical memories I have usually involve a beer or two and the most terrible karaoke you can imagine, but they were all fabulous times!

  3. I've always loved music. I bet you did a great job at your uncle's wedding!

  4. What a lovely idea this blog hop, thank you :)
    I have lot's of musical memories and they are the one I prefer and always keep with me.
    Generally I love when all of sudden you listen to a song after ages and that song just brings back memories, smells, taste..it's great!

    Ila x


  5. Hello Noor! This is my first link-up. I'm not sure if I'm doing this right-well here it goes.

    I love music, I was in chores in 5th and 6th grade and I must confess that I was in marching band. Played the clarinet from 4th grade all the way to senior year in high school. My high school had a really big music department and we even got to perform in the saint Patrick's day parade!

    your blog is so fun to read thank you for the link-up opportunity


  6. Loved playing in Band, and could play drums pretty good in middle school. c:

  7. Lovely idea, my first time so hope I've done it right!!

    If anyone wants to check out another beauty blog :) >> www.tigerlilybeauty.blogspot.com | UK Beauty Blog


  8. Commented on almost every of them, some of them gained a follow :) Really fun way to explore new blogs!

    Photo Challenge @The Mind of an exchange


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