Five-Five Friday

This week's Friday is going to be the best . No , I am not going to travel around nor I am having a fancy dinner . My hard days ( aka exam revision school days) are over for a little while and after two weeks , I slept for 5 hours together . I could have been shrieking in dismay if it took any other moment to come.
Then I stepped in to write a post.........
Lately , I am away from my camera . So all I am doing is to open We Heart It on my tablet and lust over all the amazing photos . If you're a Pinterest-holic , it doesn't take more than two minutes to become a WHI-holic.
1- I want to have my room outta mess . Can't determine how many year days it would take . So this picture almost made me cried with the organized vibes . WHY GOD WHY? Anyone who own this type of room , must have a spare time or creative mind.

2- This quote is totally relatable . I never knew I could study for hours and end up sleeping less. We never know how much we all can bear . Strong is just not another word . It's a motivation . That seems to work even on me , tell yourself that you're strong . It would never say no . I've tried , have you?

3- POTATO ! My lost love , my biggy partner . Found some in fresh markets #ShowOffTime . They were very dusty so I asked shop owner why they were so . He looked at me like I was a stupid , actually that question was . Anyways , he told me that they're fresh means straight from....Earth . Holy veges , I am admirer of their honesty.

4- Somebody is TOO happy on Fridays . Unbrushed hair look the best . All I concern is how long they look when they're left open . Woop. Though it doesn't seem my dream of becoming a repunzal is coming true anyhow . But who knows , one day I'll be hanging my hair out of window of a long tower . Well , not to have a prince but to dry them.

5 - I found a font named Miley Twerk . HUH? I never knew people would even indulge fonts , innocent fonts in this thing .  Wish to stay in trends.
Hope you all are having a great Friday . Any plans?

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  1. I actually love the font! Weird.

  2. It's sad that the font has to be associated with something that's not my favorite.. I love me some potatoes too. Especially red skinned!

  3. I kind of needed to read that quote right now. Thank you.

  4. Haha, who knew they made a font like that?


  5. Telling myself I'm stein as I endure another sleepless night!!!! PS- love the hair!

  6. That font name is so weird!!

  7. That font name is so weird. Why would anyone wanna call it Miley Twerk? Anyway, love your hair though. All natural long waves. I miss my curly hair when I see pictures like that :)

  8. What an awful font name! It doesn't even make sense for the font... ehhh people are weird!

    Kate | Diaries of a Essex Girl

  9. I always want my house to look more organized. For some reason, it is really tough to get totally organized. Aaand you and your love of potatoes... I do love potatoes because they make chips!


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