Falling for Fall fashion!

Happy hoppy Sunday . This girl is tangled in Physics and can't stop eating sweet bites . So while I am all full with my treats , I have a guest to talk in some fashion-able ways . Ya ready? Meet my buddy , Jen.
Hey y'all. I'm Jen, A twenty-something Carolina girl, and I am so happy to be your guest blogger here at Noor's Place! You can usually find me over at my blog Boone + Owl , but today I am so happy to share some fall fashion inspiration with you!

 I am fully embracing fall's magical arrival.  I enjoy summer and all of it's bright liveliness, but, fall has a very special place in my heart. It is the perfect happy medium. Since I love scarves more than any other fashion accessory, I get all giddy with excitement at fall's cheeky cool-weather arrival. 

I fully intend to break out the baggy sweaters, subtle black chevron leggings, riding boots, and dig into my endless supply of scarves! In honor of the cooler weather, I am sharing some of my favorite fall fashion inspiration. 

Baggy sweaters are an absolute favorite! Mind you, not too baggy. No one should look like they're wearing a sack.
Balancing the volume of a baggy sweater is important. A great pair of skinny jeans or leggings will go a long way with a slouchy sweater. Remember to have fun with it! Pair a sweater with something like this to add a little fun in the mix. Who doesn't love a little chevron! Skinny jeans with a little sheen can add the perfect shimmery touch as well.

This inspiration shot is perfect. It is equal parts approachable and sophisticated. It has a little glitz and sass without trying too hard.

Need a sweater?
Urban Outfitters

Color. I have mentioned how much I love color. It adds so much to an outfit. As summer fades away and fall drifts in, it brings with it a new color palette to play around with. Burgundy, rich plum, or warm green skinnies are a great color pop for fall. It does't have to end with that though. Adding a perfectly patterned scarf can be one of the best accessories during cooler months. Don't be afraid to play around with warmer colors and flashy scarves.
If you're feeling especially bold, you can shake things up with something like this, and pair it with a complimentary scarf.

I love this inspiration shot. It is eye catching and brings together color and pattern without overdoing it.

Need a pop of color?
Banana Republic

I think I have five pairs of boots. Which is really good because I would have fifty if you left me to my own devices. Boots are like scarves for me. I can never have enough. There are so many to choose from and I just feel like I need them all. Truly though, our feet should be stylish too, and what better way to keep things on trend than slipping on an audacious pair of boots, say like these, to accompany your fall attire.

This inspiration shot makes me all giddy inside. The zipper. The wedge. The mock half chaps. It is everything fall boots should be. So classy, yet, a little saucy too.

Need some boots?
Forever 21

Have fun with your fall fashion! Embrace every slouchy sweater, patterned leggings, bold scarf, burgundy skinnies, wedged boot part of it. There is so much to play around with in this new season!


  1. I love Fall for the awesome clothes!! Great sweaters, scarves and BOOTS!!

  2. I LOVE that sweater! I have waaaay too many black/grey sweaters.

  3. I love fall so much! Boots and scarves are my favorite!

  4. Gorgeous! This is exactly how I like to dress for Autumn :)

    Kate | Diaries of an Essex Girl

  5. Love it. I'm a big fan of baggy sweaters and boots :)


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