BOO , it's Halloween time !!!!!

It's almost the almost of October and chilly ghostly vibes might have struck you . HALLOWEEN is near , call your spirits .
For me , Halloween is a funny event . Everybody tries to look the creepiest . Literally . That's the reason I'd never get a good costume award because I don't do a costume at all . I'll better put a white cloth on me and pretend to be the classic white ghost of scooby doo #winwin .
There're so many things to do in Hallo-Wallo :
1- Pumkinp craving
( Too bad for it , moving on )
2- Some awesome candies to trick-or-treat
(Yumballz , I'll go for it)
3- Spooky decoration
(Yikes , I will be better at the corner of street , bye)
But that's so simple !
I am aware people do gross . I love to see that . Quite yes , like :
Make up like this
I might have thrown my new L'Oreal eye shadows and top shop lipsticks just after that ! Oh no , I'm grossing . It's Halloween right?

Costumes like these
Mario must die . He must . Along his princess !
Some costumes are really stupid . Or don't make sense . Or nothing at all (sigh) Put on double caps and be a cow boy . Use ketchup on white cloth and be a living dead . I think I have all the lousy ideas . Ask away!

AND .... decorations like these

Creepy-poo ! I am sure these people never give away trick or treat candy because kids would never come into this horrible yard . If I were a kid , I would NEVER!
I think I'll tune into The Conjuring for the rest of day and eat zombie candies all the way . If a ghost gets a wrong turn and comes in my way , I'd share a selfie of us with y'all . Until then , be spooky and carry on!

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  1. Hey I'm allllllll about the candy! I'm pretty sure calories don't count on halloween!

  2. haha yes I would be scared to go into that yard as a kid!! too spooky!

  3. Hi Noor, how are you? Omg awesome make-up - that is seriously cool :) Who doesn't love halloween. xx


  4. Noor! I wrote my Halloween post about, "The Conjuring".. the movie. It's terrifying!!!!!! So terrifying that I had to dedicate an entire post to it. Hey! Speaking of candy, you posted a picture of a chocolate bar a little while ago and I asked you to describe what it was like ?? LOL Well, I thiiiiink I saw it in the "England section" of our grocery store yesterday. I even took a picture of it for you. Was it a Twirl chocoloate bar??

  5. I actually like houses that put up scary decorations on Halloween. The creepier, the better!

    P.S. I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. :)

  6. Haha, love the Conjuring! I was clutching my boyfriend's hand throughout the entire movie. Also, I'm going to secretly hope that not many kids come by my house so I can keep most of the Halloween candy.

  7. These pictures are too funny!


  8. i'm so excited for alllll the leftover candy at my house! (aka all the candy ill pretend to hand out but then never really do it).

  9. I'm all for creepy Halloween decorations, but spiders? OH NO! I'd run.

  10. no way i could watch the conjuring.

  11. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I need to see The Conjuring.

  12. Yay for Halloween!
    I love the Luigi & Princess costumes the most!

    Kate | Diaries of a Essex Girl


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