5 things I shouldn't hate

Happy Friday , I am singing T.G.I.F out loud , so loud that my neighbour might have heard me . I can see their home locked .... well any ways , I don't blame them .

Commonly , I am an AWESOME person who goes along with everything . When I say everything , it's literally everything . Like messy cup boards , cold tea , less crunchy chocolates or even melted snickers. But some stuff drives me nuts and wants to throw a steel chair towards it . I am sure this stuff hurts well . So I must list them . Though I shouldn't hate them.

1- Front camera : I don't know what's so wrong with gadget developers . They provide a great 10 mp camera at the back of your device . Okay. That's a common thing . But when it comes to tiny , front camera . They put a piece of crap in front . Seriously , you will have to be with me .
I took a photo with camera : Awesome
I took a photo with front camera : Blurry , not even clear . THE END

I am simply not bragging !

2-  Crinkled clothes : To all those people , who doesn't wear ironed clothes , whhhhy?
I hate wearing crinkled clothes . It makes me feel like crawling in a pair of PJs . That's so tre because only PJs get crinkled . Not fancy clothes . Please , do pay a few extra bucks to have neat clothes !!!

3- Game requests : My friends might never send me so many messages or likes or comments but teh game requests . It's not like I don't play games on Facebook . I do (talk about Candy crush saga or farmville?) but having 10+ requests of different games is just ridiculous .
I opened it , saw it , deleted it .

4- Long waiting lines : I was browsing through clothing racks of my favourite boutique . I assume my whole city loves that store so there were literally tons of people shopping around . When I got to check out , a line long like Great wall of China was waiting on , already . I kept myself calm , chewed gum , played Candy Crush while standing still , sang a song . Guess what? The line seemed still #DangThe Moment
What could I do? I didn't do anything and waited . Eventually , I paid out and left a note on their service " Hire a few more sale persons , thankza" .

My tablet , telling everybody a perk of carrying a gadget everywhere! 

5-  Books full of food info : Aka food magazines . I have a confusion with them . I mean soooo many things about food to read isn't a great idea . Probably it's because I am not into kitchen much so it happens . I know a few people who have 2k food books , interviews of foodies and stuff . But no thanks , I am NOT! If necessary , I will browse an exotic recipe on my tablet and ta-da . I won it!
This list is all I shouldn't hate but I do #sigh
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What're the things you hate that you shouldn't?

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  1. Agreed 100% with everything, especially the game requests! It's always such a letdown when a notification is to play the virtual version of Candyland or something haha

  2. I don't like game requests either! Everyone seems to be so obsessed with Candy Crush, so I refuse to even try it out. Also, I nominated you for the Sunshine Award on my blog today!


  3. ohhh i totally agree about the game requests... i don't need anything else to waste my time on! :)

  4. i have not played Candy Crush because people say they get addicted, and i have an addictive personality, it will take over my life.

  5. oh and i hate game requests too...ughhh

  6. The only game on Facebook that I play is Words With Friends and only my hubby will play with me. How lame does that sound? :) As for long lines, that doesnt bother me so much.

  7. Front camera seems useless. Who would want blurry photos? I'm with you and everyone else on the game requests.

  8. My husbands biggest pet peeve is wrinkled clothes, he can't stand it. I've actually deleted friends who all they do is send me game requests, it bugs me, haha. Great post Noor!

  9. The only thing I use the front camera for is to check if I have food in my teeth :)

  10. I hate game requests!!! And what is front camera?

  11. Love the post, Noor!

    I hate frogs... I know I shouldn't because they are genuinely cute but they scare me so bad all the time ahhhh!

    - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

  12. I am with you - I hate requests!!


  13. The camera thing is really frustrating! The two pictures are worlds different!
    Something I hate but shouldn't; kittens! I don't trust them, so I fear them, which makes me hate being around them! (Notice I didn't say cats? It's because I don't think I should hate kittens because they are just babies. But cats deserve it.. they're awful.) I'm half kidding cat lovers- no hate please!

  14. I think some people get a little lazy when it comes to ironing. I try to choose clothes that don't get wrinkly, for the most part!

  15. i hate getting game requests, especially as i don't play any games on facebook myself. so annoying! but i have to say that i'm one of those people who don't really bother with ironing. which is why i nowadays try to have only clothes that don't need ironing! x

  16. Ugh I hate all the game requests, they drive me crazy!

  17. That is a #sadstory about the front camera! I don't have a tablet or cell phone, so I have no camera at all. lol
    I don't like getting game requests either, because I don't play games! I hear everyone likes Candy Crush, and I probably would too, but I don't play games. No time!

  18. I hate long lines too! I'm a very impatient person, so if I can, I'll always skip the long line. The worst I've experienced is usually when H&M has a huge sale going on. The line lasts forever!

  19. I think you definitely SHOULD hate front facing cameras! I agree they are totally ridiculous!

    Kate | Diaries of a Essex Girl

  20. ha you crack me up! I agree about the front camera thing as well as those dang game requests. I feel like as soon as I block them all fb comes out with another dumb idea and I have 50 more in my inbox.

  21. Ooo, I really dislike long lines .. especially at the grocery store when I just want to get in and out.

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  22. Hahaha I totally agree about the front camera, it's pointless!
    Long lines annoy me, but you have to pick the best time to jump in the queue!
    Sorry to tell you but I never iron my clothes, too much effort!!

  23. I agree with everything except for the food part, lol.

  24. I LOVE Candy Crush!
    I hate long lines and refuse to wait in them, unless it is absolutely necessary.
    I don't iron my clothes, because the majority of them don't need it. I don't even own an iron. Oops.

  25. We have very different tastes I guess. Well first, what phone do you have, cause my front camera be it not as good as the back is never blurry at least. And 2 I hate ironing, so you would probably hate the clothes I wear. 3 I agree - game requests = the worst 4 okay yes line are the worst! I am so impatient. And last I LOVE food magazines, I guess that comes from being a food blogger. Fun to share though :)


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