5 places I want to go

I've always felt myself a traveller . I am pretty much obsessed with moving around . Even cycling or horse riding give me the "moving" feeling . Though I haven't even travelled alone so far!
Sometimes I look out of my window and ask myself " What are you doing here? " My answer : I am....looking out of window . Ummm, yes! Some parts of the world are so fascinating . Of course , I want to visit them in a life time .

1- London , United Kingdom :
London is my favourite city . For many reasons , like Harry Potter was filmed there and I am a Potter Head so it quite makes sense . The Ben clock's history calls me and I want to see the snow fall there so badly . Plus , the double decker buses . I assume that I'll be singing a song on a ride . Let's see.
To do :
Catch the snowfall
Visit Madame Tussauds

2- Paris , France : 
Aka city of love . Well , I don't have anything related to this city . But since my history classes , I was intrigued by Eiffle tower. Now I'm in love with museums, theatres, monuments and architectural styles in Paris . Hope my lazy French would get better along. 
If I get to travel alone , I hope a stranger would help me taking a picture next to this tower . Woop , holla stranger!
To do :
Take a selfie/pose with Eiffle Tower
Visit all the museums

3- Swaat Valley , Pakistan :
Ahh , this heavenly place . It's in Northern Pakistan and I can't wait to get there someday . I have been to the capital of Pakistan , Islamabad . This valley is like few hours away from there but unfortunately , I couldn't make it . The natural lakes , mountains and natural vibes call me . 
The people of Swaat are greatest in hospitably . There're traditions are so awesome . Along with clothing . 
To do :
Visit all the natural lakes
Hike the mountain to the top

4- Venice , Italy : 
Tell me that I'd be on a  floating building ? YES!!!!!
Venice is a wonderful place . I mean what would be better than moving around in....boats. Less petrol used and world conflicts would come to an end .
To do :
Move in a traditional boat for hours (or as long as I don't get travel anxiety)

5- Tokyo , Japan: 
Teach me some Japanese . I am totally a Japan-lover . All the kawaii ( means cute) stuff and technology is the part I've been seeking . Look , it's truly hard to resist .
A few years ago , my uncle brought me a monkey pouch from Japan . I looked at him innocently , what was that? He told me it was a cute monkey pouch and that was the place where cute stuff was sold . I believed him as that was very very cute . Cherry blossom trees, robots and skylines . I love Asia!!!!!!
To do : 
Shopping like crazy 
buy some cherry blossom flower crowns

What are some of your favourite places to go a life time?

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  1. I love travelling too. And I am lucky to have done some travelling all by myself. Travelling alone gives you a different feeling. Travelling with friends and family is great, but I would choose to travel by myself if I have the choice. The place on top of my list is Paris. Planning to go there probably next year :) Good luck with your travels. Your list has some of the MOST beautiful places

  2. Venice is in my list too! I'd also like to go to Santorini, Greece. It just seems so relaxing and peaceful there :D

  3. I want to go to London, Paris, & Italy too! So many amazing places to travel!

    Crumbs and Curls

  4. I love travelling too :) I've already visited London and I also been to Paris three times. Both are gorgeous but I like London more and I can't wait to go back :)


  5. Venice n' Paris are on my list as well!

    Instagram: Cmichellestyles
    Pinterest: Cmichellestyles

  6. I would like to go to Paris too! It just looks so beautiful!


  7. I've been to Paris twice before and it is as beautiful as people say it is. To be honest, it's still on my list of places I want to go because there's just so much to see and do!

    If only traveling was easier and less expensive... I would never be at home. :)

  8. these are all great options, beautifully designed blog!!

  9. Beautiful places....London is one of my fave ones, but u missed Iceland....so beautiful! :D



  10. These are dreamy places to be Noor! Swaat Valley is gorgeous! Asia really is an ideal travel destination! Aside from the cherry blossoms of Japan, theres also Malaysia, Thailand and lots of others! :)

  11. I won't lie, your the first person who I have ever heard that wanted to go to Pakistan! But in my defense I never knew Pakistan was the beautiful!

  12. Awesome post!! Great pictures and picks, I've been to three of these places, and Tokyo is next on my list!

  13. I used to be obsessed with London and I would still love to visit the city but for the past years of my life, I'm in love with India and everything about the Indian culture. Right now, India is on top of my list.

  14. Oh Oui! i would love to go to Paris! i already know a little bit of French!

  15. I really want to visit London one day too! I have only been to the USA.. and that was over ten years ago. I have to go on an out of country holiday some day.. hopefully sooner than later. We'll take Alina with us and have a great ol' time!

  16. I totally agree with you on Tokyo! Hence why we are moving there next year, I've been Japan obsessed for so long!

    As for the Eiffel Tower, someone will definitely take your picture for you!

    Kate | Diaries of a Essex Girl

  17. I've never been to London but I have it on my list..I think I would just love that city!

    The Tiny Heart

  18. i wouldn't mind visiting these places either:-) out of these 5, i've only been to london, but there's so much to see&do that it is always lovely to go back! x

  19. So gorgeous! I would love to go too. I've been to Paris, London and Venice...Paris is my favorite place on earth haha.

  20. I live in London and really should appreciate a bit more, especially after reading these comments :)

  21. London is a fantastic city, so much to do. I really want to visit New York and Moscow.


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