5 basics you need in a blog design + an annoucment

If you've heard a phrase , don't judge a book by its cover . But what? Everybody still does it though it's an oldie goldie type of proverb . Just like that , a blog should never be judged by its looks . Don't you remember that we all started with a pre-made or free template? Heck yes .
A blog needs a few certain things that I'll advice today . Just because I love to advice...for free :D

1- A welcome/ about picture :
Let's say it about me/welcome image . It doesn't need to be heavy with words , just a simple picture , reflecting your personality . It would be super plain if you just slap a picture without telling about it .
The first thing that catches my attention is your about me so if I can't see a glimpse of it at your picture on home page , I might be lazy enough to open an ABOUT and leave it behind . DO it!

2- An un-cluttered look :
Have you got a side bar loaded with various buttons that are out of shape? or you've put TONS of ads around your bloggy without even arranging them? CHANGE IT MATE!!!!
It makes the blog look stupid . If you're about to monetize your blog so you must consider the size of ads and blog width . Don't make the things messy or else they won't get attention . Plus you blog would look like a baaaad chic (a bad dude if it's categorized a dude , anyways)

3- Social media buttons .
If I am reading your blog so I would surely want to interact with you . Even on Email or Twitter . You should include your contact info and aaaaaallll social medias . It helps in making new friends ( I deffo need to tempt you) .
Cast of character : Rockstars of my side bar aka Kate , Rachel , Brianna and all those who aren't starring!!

4- A blog button :
Aka blog button with grab code . Anyone who reads your blog can take it away . It looks like :
Noor's Place
I love buttons so much so the statement ends here.

5- Easy navigation : 
There might be some awesome posts of you that I want to link back . How do I find it? OFC by the search and blog archive .  If you are not comfy with adding an archive list so you can add search only . I must mention again that easy navigation is what you'd need the most . Be serious & carry on .
Other navigation tips would include side bar tags . They are quite optional but they make a great impact and a fancy tancy look.
What's your favourite element to add in a blog design?
Now coming towards the announcement , I had been working on my designs studio . With a lot of suggestions , help and tips from my friends & awesome bloggy mates and lots of do's and dont's.  I am finally up to launch the new look of it . Ta-da !
New look of NBD !

All the inspiration came from my jewellery and pinterest . Salute you guys ( not to mention , it took upto hours to dig them both , phew) . It's a big day !!!!

some glimpse , just because I love to show-off
I have set up the system with Passion Fruit service so it's an one click matter . I'm so excited today . SO I am partying a 20% discount to first three designs . YES , you heard it right!!!!!!!!!! 20 FREAKY PERCENT OFF . Just comment or email me for the promo code ! Let's prettify your site .

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  1. Thanks for the tips Noor! I actually modeled my blog off of yours when I started up a few months ago. I really like the Like/Tweet/Pin/Instagram bar on the bottom. How do you do that?

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  2. Like you, everything has to be perfectly even. All photos have to be the size of my post or I go nuts. And my side bar photos have to be the same size as the sidebar. So, lets say my sidebar is 260px wide... if the images are small, then I will make them side by side 130px... get me? LOL

  3. Great advice! Love it all!


  4. Such good advice :] Thanks chica!

  5. Great tips! This isn't necessarily related to design, but I hate when blogs don't have an About Me page. I want to learn more about you! SO frustrating!

  6. All of this stuff is so important! I hate when I go to someone's blog and I can't figure out how to follow them or when I can't find them on social media or their email (especially if they're a no-reply blogger). Arghhh

  7. Such wonderful tips for blogging! Thanks for sharing!


  8. Your designs are beautiful. I haven't been around much in the blog world lately, but I wanted to check out this post. I just noticed you still have my blog button up and it makes me super happy. Thanks for that, bloggy friend. :)


  9. I like your tips Miss Noor. I actually purchased a blog design from Sarah- Venus Trapped In Mars. I'm on a waiting list, so it could be awhile until things change. But I'm really excited about it and I can't wait to get rid of my free template! So I have my About Me image and I have my accessible buttons ... and I also have easy navigation to my old posts.. I have a link to my Twitter.. but nothing else. I just joined Instagram AND I'm going update my Pinterest. I just heard it's a good thing to post new blog posts to Pinterest.. so I'm going to work on that this week! I'm on my way...! Thanks for all of your little tips.. they are very helpful.

  10. GREAT tips for bloggers! Love how I am in this not once BUT TWICE! ;) I love the CAPS today, haha.

    Kate | Diaries of a Essex Girl

  11. Great post , i loved all ur tips , do you think u can have time to see my design and tell me what do you think of it ? please !!

    * Posted my casual cool outfit with a special touch , come see !!


    P.S. Follow me on insta & i will instantly follow back @nanyslife


  12. I was just on a blog today that had very confusing navigation, and you're right, it's not a big encouragement to a new reader!

  13. Wow. I have been wanting to transfer my blog for a while and haven't wanted to go through all the redecorating. You are inspiring! Wish I had more time this AM to check out all your details! SITSSharefest rocks!


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