"I can't keep a secret"

In general , I can say myself a good  great secret keeper , without any doubt . If you've given me a secret like 2 days ago , I won't even tell you . This thing apparently makes me a major secret keeper but in fact , I would have forgot it by the end of the day because I have a bad memory . It does justice !

I'd be so honest on this thing because I literally hate when people , carrying secrets of others just speak them off to public like it's nobody's business . If someone has shared a fragile point to them , it's quite a responsibility for you to keep , right? Okay , on some stages , you can not . NOT!
I've got a good history to keeps secrets but a few major spoils of me , are here :

Poor Assignment :
1- A friend of mine told me she didn't do her assignment . It was a intense matter because if everybody knew it , it was an advance excuse to get a punish for an incomplete assignment. I said yes and I meant it . Like , truly . As soon as teacher got into class , we all were discussing the assignment . So my friend was . When teacher asked us both a mutual point , she tried to answer but I said : " You didn't do it so let me answer it"
The moment was a flash , everybody knew it and I was sweating . The end!

Don't Knock :
Once , my uncle told me that he wants to stay home . So if anybody's on door , looking for him so tell him he's not home . I promised (okay) . Then after a while , the door was knocked .
I received the visitor and he wanted to see uncle . I didn't even think and went out loud for uncle .
" Uncle , mr.example wants to see you."
It's the end for this one . You know what would have happened afterwards.
Unless these statements (among others) , I am a very good secret keeper . Said enuff !

Are you a good secret keeper? Or have your said some-secret in public?
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  1. I'm glad your record is much better than mine!

  2. I have to admit I am the same sometimes, its so easy to slip up especially with the uncle example

  3. I see my teen daughter and her friend swearing to keep secrets all of the time and then right away she's telling me. goodness knows who else she cannot wait to tell, lol.

  4. Secrets are only secrets if you don't tell ANYone. Because someone is going to slip up sooner or later.

  5. I think I'm a great secret keeper because just like you I have a bad memory so I never remember lol. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  6. Oh haha, I am the same as you, super forgetful so I'm great to tell secrets too.
    However I am also the same that I accidently let things slip sometimes through my forgetfulness :P

    Kate | Diaries of an Essex Girl

  7. LOL at my agae I am a good person to tell a secret, because 10 minutes after you tell me I forget...

  8. I hate keeping secrets because like your examples show, it is so easy to mess up! The truth is always the easiest thing to deal with!

  9. I have your same problem about the memory thing. That helps with my secret keeping. That's a funny one about your uncle haha! Great giveaway!

  10. I am a pretty good secret keeper, but I usually forget what people tell me so that helps. lol

  11. LOL! This reminds me when I was a little girl. I was told to kept a secret but I accidentally blurted it out to someone.

  12. I am not sure if I am good at keeping secrets... you can say I'd act and say things depending on the situation, lol. If there is no need to say, I might remember.. but keep it to myself or just forget about it - or say it because I needed to - for a good cause of course, lol.

  13. I think I am a good secret keeper, may be because I love to listen more that to talk.

    Fan R @TeddyOutReady

  14. Haha! I can totally relate with you! I can't hide secrets that well too, especially if they're juicy ones!

  15. I like to think I'm good at keeping secrets, but not so sure! It depends what the secret is!

  16. Someone always slipped a secret , ha. It's like with my kids you tell them not to do something they do it anyways. someone says "it's a secret don't say anything" they turn around and do it. So in my experience if you don't want anyone to know don't say anything to start with

  17. I love the Pretty Little Liars reference!

  18. If someone asks me not to say anything then I don't. But I almost always tell Rob because... 1. he's my hubby and I tell him everything. 2. He's a guy so he probably doesn't really care. 3. He's a guy that won't gossip the secret to anyone because he doesn't talk to anyone related to the subject or person.
    So your secrets are safe with me..................and Rob. ;)

  19. I think I am a great secret keeper. I can think of several secrets I was told years ago that I still keep secret.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  20. Hah! That first one was sooo funny! lol

  21. I'm the best secret keeper, tell me anything and I am like a vault. Except I probably WILL tell my best friend, hahaha! Shh x

  22. I'm a HORRIBLE secret keeper, I always have this need to tell someone!

  23. I am a great secret keeper, but I hate secrets, unless they involve something fun like gifts!


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