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Q: What do you hate most about fall?

Noor :
I quite love fall . But I literally hate to clear the withered leaves that are piled up in our front yard (almost like a mount) . So it's the biggest thing I hate about fall .

Areeba : 
The rough weather is annoying . I ahve a sensitive skin and it gets badly irritated by the dry fall season . So it's my reason to hate this innocent bud .

Jen :
Nothing. Am I allowed to say nothing? I think I love everything about fall. The leaves changing color, the cool air dancing around, the fall fashion change up. It's just fun and refreshing after such hot days. Fall is also the baking season, and I adore baking. It's the perfect time to try out new dessert recipes. Preferably all containing pumpkin. So, I really can't say that I hate anything about fall. I love the season and embrace it wholeheartedly!

Well, I love pretty much everything related to my favorite season. If there was one thing that I hate about fall it would be....that it ends. Seriously, pumpkins, the weather, sweaters, apple cider, football, hay rides, etc., fall is the best season ever. I wish I could live somewhere where it is always fall.
Your turn to answer!

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  1. What I hate about fall is that it ENDS! :( I love the fall. Off topic, but I think it's really great that ya'll have this bloghop! I have met some pretty amazing people from it and gained some awesome readers.

    ♥ Brittney @ True Vintage Love

  2. I am totally in love with fall so it's really hard to think of something I hate, but I guess I hate the dry skin/lips it can induce, although winter is SO MUCH worse in that field haha. Excited to be participating in this :]

  3. Another great week for a fun blog hop! Thanks for hosting.
    One thing I seriously dislike about fall is that my family's yard catches all the neighbors falling leaves, along with our own leaves...Trust me, it's quite a lot of leaves to pick up!

  4. I love the weather in the fall. I miss summer, but I love the cool nights.

  5. I don't miss summer at all! I love this time of year!

  6. We all love fall.
    Perfect time and great weather after hot cha cha summer we have in Arizona.

  7. I don't love fall. I have too many leaves that I have to rake!

  8. i don't hate much about fall... except maybe when day light starts ending early

  9. I hate the cold here, Im too used to 100+ weather in the summer

  10. I live in Scotland, so we call it Autumn! But I do love Autumn... The colours are stunning. However, the wind and rain we, more often than not, will have throughout the season is rather annoying. Especially when I have to walk to uni everyday... :(

    Much love,
    Lydia x

  11. I have to admit I love Autumn - Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons not to warm and not too col d:) x

  12. I love love love fall. Halloween, then Thanksgiving. Fun times and good food :)

  13. The only thing i hate about fall is that it is not longer! it needs to stay forever! Because everyone is just in an over all better mood! love this link up!

  14. I need to remember this and link my twitter next time. Right now I am on my iPad and not very good on it.

  15. I actually love Fall! I love the cool crisp air and I love the bright reds and oranges of the leaves.

  16. It's hard to hate anything about fall! Maybe one thing is that work and personal plans pick up to the point that I can't keep up! I get a little overwhelmed in the fall!

  17. I usually tend to love fall but from where I live, it rains literally everyday for the season... as much as I enjoy the rain sometimes, I hate fall for the ridiculous amount of rain and ruin plans it come with :(

  18. I love fall! The weather gets a little cooler and the leaves are all so pretty too.

  19. Fall/Autumn is my favorite season so I can't think of anything I don't like about it. I love the cooler air, the beautiful leaves, the kids going back to school, watching the kids play soccer...

  20. I love everything about fall. My favorite season. I do know that some that live in cold weather country will say the only thing they don't like about fall is that it leads to winter.

  21. I linked my Twitter, Tweeted, and followed quite a few on the list. Thanks for hosting.

  22. Thanks for hosting once again and once again linking up. :)

  23. I like fall, it is full of colors, harvest, veggies, pumpkings, holidays plus kids back to school. There are so many activities during fall.

    Fan R @TeddyOutReady

  24. Blog link ups are awesome!! My faovrite is fall!

  25. What I hate about fall is the chilly weather but I love the food!

  26. I love that you host this blog hop. You always seem to have such a great turnout.

  27. I don't really think there is anything about Fall that I don't like.


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