Friday rhymes with Fry day

My bestie is here , yes it's Friday . My best bud , best JKEJQWJKXNH day!
But it did a bad plan with 13th . So I might have to break up with it for a little while . JKJKJKJK , I wouldn't . I have never been that superstitious .
My day went full of "fry-ness" . I had to start my Maths work again because I am a big girl who completes the piles of homework . Then my English teacher had to gone through some "guilty charges" all students put on her for BAAAAAAAAD behaviour . And guess what? Us innocent kiddos won it . No one should be rude enough to make kids cry , right?
But this Friday is much more important than finding the bad luck in 13th or guilty over stupid stuff . It's about me .

I had been thinking to do lots of changes in my own plans , in my studies , even in my blog . But I was thinking long for a right time , yes I have chosen this day . Nothing to this date , but just by the flicker of my first decision . So by now , everything will be better , or will be turning better as if that was a mess to be fixed . It will be puuurrrfect . YES I intend ! I intend! (whispers : wish me luck)

Coming back to Friday , there're five things to be high fived! Let's do it NOW!

1- My insta portrait .
2- iPhone 5C is OUT! I fell in love with the new releases but the prices are quite hilly billy (means I don't get it) for first , you get the "cheap body" for $99 then the subscription guys will take out $400-$500 which is quite ridiculous with the introductory price YIKES! But anyways , I WANT ONE!
If you're an Apple nerd then you gotta read Dara's post about Apple. An advance high five for Apple junkies out there.
3- I had been looking for a good blend of tea leaves that could be of my taste . I hate smelly/strong/hard tea aromas . Thanks Lipton , this product is finally here . So I might be spotted with my big cup full of tea every time you'd see me.
4- Mirror selfies are not always neat , ya see. I was doing a messy bun but it perfectly turned out a better messy selfie .

5- The new song of Miley Cyrus is a BIG hit . It's Wrecking ball , the hit tune and ohmys ! All the controversial stuff didn't push Miles back , ya see she's a big star . I wish she'd learn good things by karma and become a Hannah Montana type again (well that would need a mount. Everest sized wish star)
Linking up with Lauren
Gosh , I am back to blogging (business) so yes , I am taking blog designs now . If you need to prettify your blog , take it home!!

So how's your very 13th Friday?

Today I have Lisa from Ameliorer la vie for a little chit chat . Her travel blog is simply so fun . I am currently stuck in her Cape town diaries so let's talk for a whileeeeeeeee.

1- What's the wonderful thing you learned from blogging?
A wonderful thing I learned from blogging is that there is a great, supportive community of bloggers out there.  I didn't expect the blogging community to be so tight-knit at all!

2- Tell us a travel story about the most wonderful place you've ever been?
 I don't know if I can narrow it down to just one best trip...but something cool that happened recently is that when I visited South Africa I got to pet lion cubs! (RAWR Lisa)

3- Three things you always take when you leave for travel?
I always take a water bottle with me because there's nothing worse than being dehydrated.  Plus, in some places, clean water is harder to come by, so I always try to be prepared.  I also always bring a travel alarm clock and wrist watch so I could be sure to catch my trains/planes and keep my appointments.  Finally, I try to take layers of clothes with me as well, since I'm never 100% sure about the weather.  

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  1. I love that the new iPhones have color to them now, but I still would gravitate to the black one. LMAO. So I'll stick to the iPhone 5 for now :)

    My Friday the 13th? I almost died on the freeway/highway today. Some weirdo almost rear ended me. Not fun when you are sleep deprived. Yeesh!

  2. I agree.. Miley's new song is pretty catchy. Gosh she has gorgeous eyes in that photo.. wow.
    Friday, ohhh when I was working I soooo lived for Fridays. It's what got me through the week!!
    Hey, I like your mirror selfie.. it's adorable! And I like the mirror you're taking it in too. Very cool.

  3. Your blog is so lovely!! :D
    I just found your blog and am a new follower! :D

  4. Lipton Yellow Label Tea??? I have never seen that, of course I only drink herbal teas.

  5. I love my iPhone but will not be upgrading anytime soon. WAY too much $$
    Miley, oh dear girl needs to calm down.
    Yellow label tea? I'll have to look for that. As it cools off I drink tea. As long as it has no caffeine.

  6. I love the new Iphone, I have an upgrade with my cell service in December so I am trying to decide between the 5c or the 5s if you haven't seen that one, that one is pretty great! I heard the wrecking ball song and fell in love with it, then I saw 60 seconds of the music video and had to shut it off.. she needs to slow it down. I personally am not a fan anymore. I saw her in concert as hannah montana and that's how I will always picture her!

  7. The award show controversy came out right before the song? Marketing at its finest if that's true.

    My kids take selfies in the mirror and it always makes me laugh.

  8. I was just talking about selfies with my sister last night and how it takes forever to get the one you're not embarrassed to actually use.

  9. I lve this post! Suck vibrancy and no I am not getting the new Iphone and I think Miley has enough publicity, which is exactly what she wanted.

  10. I don't have an iPhone, it's the only thing that I don't have Apple but my daughter has the 5. I fell in love with Samsung Galaxy S4 and got that instead. I agree with Lisa, always have water with you. I always have a bottle in both my vehicles. There's nothing worse than being dehydrated.

  11. I completely forgot it was Friday the 13th! ha I just got an iPhone 4 actaully, I always go with the previous ( cheaper that way) and I love the new colors but will tick with black. This way I can soup it up with a colorful case whenever I want!

  12. Great selfie! As for Miley no comment for her...I do love the new iphone but I just upgraded a few months ago so it will have to wait.

  13. I love your pic! I haven't gone the Apple route yet. My son keeps trying to get me to purchase one though! I didn't realize it was Friday the 13th yesterday. Besides a little jealous fit towards my hubby we survived the day!

  14. I am more into androids but lots of my friends have iphones. I love the yellow Label Lipton tea. We drink it all the time. I wish you the best of luck with any blog changes you plan to make

  15. Your messy selfie isn't so messy at all. =0)
    New iPhone...I'm still wondering if iPhone is worth it or not. I have time to decide, though.
    And for Miley. Oh gosh...I don't think I wanna go there!
    Happy Saturday, Noor!

  16. I have an android but my daughter has an iPhone. I am sure she will be asking if she can upgrade soon. But no, it is too pricey!

  17. I want the new iPhone too. I didn't know it was different colors...or is that just the case? Hope you're having a good weekend. Your selfies are cute! I'm going to check our your friend Lisa's blog. Sounds interesting!

  18. Lipton is one of my favourite tea brands!

  19. Wish I had an iPhone but I'm stuck with a stupid Android...

  20. I think that I am skipping the new iPhone and just keeping the iPhone that I have. Love the travel tips.


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