Awkward tales in Photos

Zombie-type-mornings-to-evenings , well heya all!
I was digging my old photos and found some from my sophomore year . Yikes , I thought they were deleted in a battle between me and a window's distraction and led into a drive loss but it's an old tale now . I apologized everyone at home (even neighbours) because of data loss . Simply , I accidentally deleted my laptop's drive  but somehow , I got some pictures anyways.
So I was saying about my old photos . I was only doing "eeeeks , is it mine?" , "who did take this kind of weird photo?" but obviously , they were mine , all mine . I'm listing a few , top 5 . Let's see which one is most hyped .
1- Weird position of sunglasses :
This photo was taken when we were on our "official" sophomore picnic in a water park. New kids on the block , new smells of sun block and similar stuff . These huge sunglasses were my new love and clearly , you can see I didn't even hesitate showing it off . Well , now I feel I could have placed it a little over my nose so it would go into a "cool kids" folder I secrectly made . 

2- Sports day group photos :

Somebody should had to mentioned me not to use a fancy camera in a local sports event at all . But no one did , so I always brought my camera everywhere . This group photo was from a football match our class did with seniors , though it wasn't a shameful loss , instead a toss . But we ended up with some "cough cough-type" photos in the end . They're not going to our year book , I am relieved .

3- Tired photos :
You did lots of work so you're tired . Let's do a portrait of you .
Said no one ever.
But they did it silently .
This picture is from same sports event above , but of course in an exhausted manner . I was all angry , sitting on an old bench , doing hallelujah for lame sports team member (I have never been one , but being a manager is the worst when you're not in team) perhaps Areeba or someone else took it like a paparazzi or there was a real paparazzi ? OMG . Nonetheless the exhaustion , don't I look a diva in pink nails? #YESYESYES

4- No-caption shot :
It might be a good ideas to take pictures of hand/shoes/bangles/sand/dust/flies and whateva else . But this photo whispered to me :
"What were you trying to capture?"
Noor : I was teasing testing my camera #WhiteLiesSpoken

5- Talk to my hand style:

Talk to the hand is such a useful phrase (at least for me , don't you use it?) I used to write in my hand when teacher would order us to keep quite so it was the best way to work "things" out .
Well , it doesn't work for photos . In hoodies that are grey .
This LOL snap is such an old piece that I can't remember it's date . But surely , I have left doing it .
I was kidding , haha!

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  1. Those sunglasses are ones like Jackie O used to wear. I guess she thought she could hide behind them.

  2. I love finding old photos! Sometimes I pull out old boxes of pictures from middle school and high school just to reminisce about people I used to know and places I used to visit. I loved taking a peek into your past! :)

  3. I have a pair of sunglasses that look similiar to yours. I bought them at Ross, or some store like it, for less than $5. I love them!

  4. LOL too funny with that last statement. I actually love your sports day photo, nothing strange about it at all and I think it would make a great year book photo. :)

  5. hi babe!
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  6. I like the sunglasses one but the pink nails one really captures you. Even in a paparazzi shot you look beautiful! Not many people can say they are pretty if they are angry :) but you can!

  7. I liked all of the photos for one reason or another, and thought the group photo was actually pretty great!

  8. I love finding old photos! That's how a large part of my procrastination starts when cleaning... I love looking back at how different everyone looked.

  9. They aren't bad, but do make you wonder how they survived being deleted.

  10. It's always lovely to look back on old photos if somewhat embarrassing at times ;) x

  11. I think those sunglasses are perfect for you.
    I buy mine at the 99 cent store.

  12. I have two things of film that I never developed. I found them years ago, and I still have them. I'm worried about developing them because
    1. I'm probably doing something really dumb in all of them. or immature, or embarrassing.
    2. What if they're of past boyfriends? Awkward!
    3. They could be my mom's pictures of the dogs.. She was always taking pictures of them.. in that case, it would be sad..
    4. I live in a SMALL town and the only place that develops pictures is Pharmasave and I know the people in the photo lab.. LOL So if they're embarrassing.. I will know they saw them!!
    When/IF I get them developed, I'll let you know what they were of.

    Old pictures are fun to look through. I bet they took you down memory lane!

  13. Although the picture is slightly blurry, the one with you in the chair is unique. Love your expression.

  14. I like the tired one :) It was natural and unposed. Those are my fav, just out of the blue shots. Shows a lot

  15. I like the tired photo too. It is always fun to catch people in their natural poses. :)

  16. I hate going through old photos I feel so embarrassed for myself haha Ive deleted so many facebook photos!

    AmeriAus Blog

  17. I am not a fan of old photos of myself. Usually when looking through them I always think "what in the world was I thinking wearing that/ acting like that/ doing that?"

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  18. I love going thru my old photos and thinking of how young and gorgeous I was!

  19. Those sunglasses are gorgeous! You were styling from then. Love this post.

  20. I get depressed looking at old photos remembering how thin I used to be! Haha. You look cute even in your top 5 weird photos. :)

  21. Great pictures! I like the sunglasses a lot!

  22. I love looking at my old photos but in many of them I'm like wow I actually thought I looked good. Some of them I wonder what I was thinking but it's always fun to look back.

  23. Love the pictures, and I think this is a great idea for a blog post!

  24. Old photos bring old memories with laughters.

  25. These pictures are great! I'm also really digging the design of your blog, it's so clean and nice to look at. Thanks for sharing :)

  26. hehe old photos r the best :) loving the lol one at then end ;)

  27. You just made me wanna go through some of my old photos to see what I can find!
    Did I tell you that I like your new design? If not, now you know. I miss the glitter, but I like how it all matches (and it matches grab a friend too). =0)

  28. These are all great photos, don't be so hard on yourself lovely!

  29. Great photos! I think going though old photos is always fun, especially when you come across ones where you look terrible! Good for a laugh and brings back cool memories :)
    Have a great weekend!

  30. haha--it can be pretty silly to go back and look at all the weird and random pictures you've had stored away for years!

  31. Hi hi! If found your blog...not sure how. Obvs. I have to follow now! I blog over at http://farmerbell.blogspot.com.


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